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gif art homestuck Dave Strider my first gif d'aww....and of course its homestuck OTL im always paranoid that someone has done this before...so im sorry if im copying someone...i didnt mean too! also i apologize for my lack of perspective and my pathetic turn table things
Okay can we just talk for a second about how Mrs. Weasley made Harry a Weasley sweater after having only met him once, just because Ron wrote her and told her that Harry wasn’t expecting to get any presents for Christmas?
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my posts iron man tony stark :3 happy birthday bb tech porn movie: iron man tony and his tech yeah of course i remember birthdays of fictional characters OF COURSE
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hayley williams paramore Misery Business I apologize for the really random and horrible coloring
mine idk tom hiddleston Thor loki loki in thor in that moment i like to think that loki is just like 'typical. of course my father would banish thor and won't let me get the hammer' and for a moment he feels stupid that he even tried because obviously his father would never allow HIM to get the hammer even with the prodigual son bannished and the look he gets when he pulls away from the hammer i just feel like he's not even surprised it's the small things like that that really kills me in thor
gif mine hayley williams paramore chad gilbert new found glory sorry for the awful quality something is wrong with my settings and i can't fix it
gifs hayley williams paramore favorites headbanging 1k* and the last one ahhh i like this gif proud of myself.
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Barney was cool in kindergarden, but now that the kids are in grade school they know that Barney the dinosaur is a heinous traitor and should not be trusted. Except Gamzee. Gamzee still thinks he’s cool.
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Here’s the full length video w/o the green bar. Credit...
homestuck i draw sometimes crossdressing hso the drma is that everyone literlally gets like 2x the chance to land themselves a dave and in the end only dave lands himself a dave what a tragedy que lastima etc lmao............ davecest of course i woudl fill a prompt with two daves nobody is surprised................... youa ll follow me for my flawless furniture drawing abilities i know thsn ank hyou
  • person:money isn't everything
  • me:are you fucking stupid
And of course Hermione thanked the house elves.