• and for hayley atwell of course •
My art black history teaching black history month historical costume
rape important feminism women's rights rape culture
This honestly needs to be spread everywhere. A song about gi...
my shit Marble Gian Lorenzo Bernini
north korea THE INTERVIEW the red chapel ableism cn
@HayleyAtwell #TeamCarter we celebrated
my edits hayley atwell the rock Dwayne Johnson peggy carter agent carter for the bae because these are two of his favorite things
  • Pro:fucking beautiful I look like a goddess
  • Con:get tf out of my face
beautiful twitter hayley atwell I'm crying this is the best sassy half british lady calling out the bullshit of her work world
couple submission Over 18 Intoxicating Tuesdays
pokemon crossover eevee charmeleon gyarados aron snk Lairon AOT Beautifly Marco Bodt Jean Kirschtein Jean Kirschstein miyajimamizy Marco Bott mizy jean x marco marco x jean jeanmarco pokemon crossover shiny eevee bulbabsaur
Maybe it's for the best that X-men and Avengers don't cross over
Avengers: “Oh no, a metal man is making a metal army to terrorize the world! He’s indestructible! Metal!”Magneto: [deep sigh]Magneto: *raises arm*Magneto: *clenches fist*CREDITS
last year a boy walked into my class 20 minutes late and really high and my teacher asked him why he was so late and he said “i don’t know i think there were more stairs than usual”
Racism abuse kids marriage parenting mental health race police brutality Motherhood lynching poc and anti blackness eric garner
animals police please pitbull dogs animal cruelty repost violence Signal Boost justiceforburberry sdpd
can you imagine if tumblr was around when the original star wars came out and in the two year gap between movies there were heated arguments between luke/leia shippers and han/leia shippers and all kind of vague posts and fandom wank and thousands of luke/leia fics on ao3 and people devotedly making...
* depression sad suicide self harm self hate cutting selfharm anonhelp anon help
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