• and i'm just rambling a lot and i'm sorry i'm just very emotional all over again •
Korra the legend of korra lok Asami Sato Korrasami lokedit I woke up this morning and I saw that message from Bryan and I got so emotional I cried for some time and got late to uni because this isn't about your otp winning a stupid fandom ship war; it stopped being about it when korrasami actually happened because it is just so much SO MUCH yes some cartoons did have minor queer couples that they managed to slip in their episodes but it NEVER was about the title character the face of the whole show not in a western media and do you know what are the stories about queer ladies are? these that you as a teenager try to find in secret afraid of family and friends these are the stories in which in 90% of cases women like you struggle for love and acceptance only for a brief moment after which it will all crash down and one of the women will die it's like some cruel lesson that is being repeated over and over again: if you are a queer woman you will never be happy and now seeing Korra final seeing the progression of this relationship and seeing the beautiful point on which they stop... I don't know it just gives you that feeling that maybe everything will be alright and i'm just rambling a lot and i'm sorry i'm just very emotional all over again not sure that i'm even making that much sense oh yes and this is for you anon that asked me to gif something with bryan's quotes
My art robin feel free to keep scrolling i'm just really emotional over robin and teen titans and how he's like everyone's mama and i'm sorry for art spamming today
Hey guys, did you know that “till the end of the line” is actually a reference to the last stop of a train? Hey guys, guess who got off too early–
LOL je t'aime all of you my very last Rivaille post for all of you..i guess as a response to all of your messages this is what i could only do now i'm so sorry no..i won't delete my blog it's just like stabbing my heart with a knife it's just all those haters..they've reported my blog and so i guess this really will be my very last post find me on this blog if you guys want.. humanitys-smexiest but again i just need to leave here for a while at least for a month.. coz i'm tired..really tired again lemme thank you guys for all those messages yeah it's been a long time since i last cried when i'm watching snk ep 22 thank you for all of your shoulders i'm feeling much better right now alright i guess i really needa sleep now since my eyes are so dry and swollen like hell alright this is the third time i'm saying farewell to all of you lol FAREWELL GUYS
ugh stuff 1000 nine five hi i'm still alive b:1000 zankyou no terror terror in tokyo bt!edit terror in resonance arata kokonoe b!znt i know this sucks a lot and I'm sorry this is the most unhealthy obsession i ever have but I'm just so in love
One Direction gifset i'm sorry but i was just watching that x factor vid and got all emotional and my eyes are all red-ish now no biggy at all
no but how amazing is it that we’re all living in our own stories, our own universes, and every time we interact with someone else it’s a crossover with their story which is just as real to them as ours is to us
* supernatural dean winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins destiel mine: supernatural over 1k otp: the most tragic romance that ever graced the planet this part. i'm gonna be very serious right now on my gif and i'm sorry if a ton of you hate long tags but just omg if you watch this scene. this is the part where castiel confronts both of the boys about WHY he's fighting. he's fighting for freedom for what dean and sam TAUGHT HIM THROUGH THEIR ACTIONS AND BELIEFS. what really hits me is when he says that 'freedom is worth fighting for. i just wanted you to understand that' and then he FUCKING LOOKS AT DEAN. and then we get a freaking extra 5 second shot of them just gazing at each other because they're fighting for each other DAMN IT. GIVING ME ALL THE FEELINGS.
“Season 10 begins with Sam’s frantic search for his missing brother, who is gone without a trace, unless you count empty Doritos bags and a note that says demon now lol. Sam’s search for Dean will lead him down a dark path, one so familiar and well-trod by now that Sam knows exactly where the ...
;_; *gifs Teen Wolf :((((( Scott McCall allison argent scallison twedit i'm sorry this is shit i'm still emotional and I will never get over it these are not even pastels anymore I just don't know ;_; oh god is that a queue?
* Illustration star trek star trek xi sighs i'm so sorry for this there are a lot of errors i know but i wanted to 'fuse' vulcan and the space idk man i'm just done
~ kurt hummel glee blaine anderson rachel berry finn hudson get your shit together I'M SO MAD AT ALL FOUR OF YOU I'M SICK OF WAITIN' FOR YOU ALL TO BECOME A FAMILY AGAIN I'M SO GOD DAMN TIRED can we just flashfowrad to the future hwen theyre togheter and theya ve k and theyre miarried and celelbirating holidays toghet erim fine
no.6 Nezumi Shion 1000** you're all wonderful 500** yep i tried some stuff and failed quite a bit i'm very sorry for the lack of posting i'm just way too busy and i'm also going to finish the prompt someone sent me so please have patience nezushi**
Patrick Stump THESE ARE SO DREADFUL I'M SORRY I'M JUST BORED AND AHHH ;~; oh cupcake gif:ps
:) 1k my gifs :3 destiel DEANCAS ahh spnedit spnedits deancasedit i'm already done something like this but from all seasones and this is just s8 eehh a lot of people done something like that buuuut i'm still bored hands and touches
1k Zayn Malik mine up all night tour Zayn 500 LOOOL zofs NEVER AGAIN WILL I DO ONE OF THESE BASED OFF A TOUR VIDEO like he's only wearing these glasses for A SONG AND A HALF on ONE DATE it was so hard finding video good enough to even make gifs and then don't even get me started on finding pictures LOL i creeped through so many people's tumblrs just now ppl prob think i'm crazy and the colouring is all over the place on these i gave up i'm sorry
mine lauren jauregui dinah jane hansen otp: maybe they're just meant to hug my face all the time [cries] otp i could write paragraphs about how much i care about this dynamic and i'm not gonna lie to you i almost did just write a paragraph and a half on them in the tags but then i noticed a typo and the fact that i was just rambling about faces and i had to go back oh i forgot to tag laurnah I'VE MADE SO MANY MISTAKES