• and i was like ehhh dont touch me •
have you ever not liked someone in a romantic way and everything is cool and all then they do something small like touch your shoulder or say something funny and you just kind of freeze and think oh oh no
doctor who mine David Tennant ten MY BABIES this is too much leave me to die it hurts im not okay i swear Peter Davison too much i just lOVE THEM dont touch me ughhhhhhhhh this is the cutest thing ever dwedit fifth rtdedit my babiessssssssssssssss i clicked in this episode unintentionally then i was like oh let's watch it again but it was like a stab in my heart idk im just so emotional over it i screamed so loudly that my sister came to check on me and i was like im dying i could say my two favorites but i remember tom baker and eccleston tennant is my favourite but still they all my favorites
homestuck eridan ampora eridan kim's hawt yoweez i dont know why i drew this tryin to get in touch with my older style i guess??????? dont look at me like i know how to draw shoes i didnt even use an overlay and this came out rlly warm gj me i can pick out colors 8'^))
1k MY EDIT the infernal devices Tessa Gray clockwork angel TIDedit i already know the last gif is orriuble and looks like it was created in paint dont touch me its sunday night i know this whole thing rlly sucks and my colouring is bad but I just wanted to make something before monday Bc I can't really post the things that I've been *actually* spending my weekend on bc it's shadowhunter Christmas stuff
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik ~ e2 I FOUND IT FUNNY OKAY DONT TOUCH ME i was supposed to gif zouis i did this instead
dont touch me My Mad Fat Diary mmfd rae earl Finn Nelson
no okay you guys  the saddest thing about that whole episode was when he was going into shock and he had to calm down and he found his childhood dog and hes talking holding back fucking tears "they’re putting me down, too." 
sims 3 i changed it to dont fuck w/ me bc like 12 different dont touch me shirts exist already i hope thats ok anon death/ drowning/
the hobbit stuff fili kili thorin oakenshield hobbitedit durins graphics: the hobbit durin bros dont eveN TOUCH Me i am 29857239852523% done with photoshop rn i never want to see another texture again but that was fun ehe he he hee happy christmas have some texture dump and durins and emotional pain!!!!!!!!!!!!
1k gifs ** taylor swift ! gifset still not over it :( my poor queen princess baby boo dont touch her :(( taylor L was not having it he was so pissed at kanye his face just fell im so sad i cried watching this dont look at me
gif harry potter * Sirius Black hp my heart Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix remus lupin MY BABIES *hp HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i cried while making this im laughing dont fucking touch me *hpop forever bitter Sirius x Remus but im dying inside REMUS/SIRIUS + HARRY WOULD HAVE MADE THE GREATES HAPPIEST FUCKING FAMILY AND ALL MY BABIES GOT WAS PIAN AND SUFFERING
ace attorney monousart idek i just really liked that part of one of their dialogues .......maybe because earlier that day i joked about smth and my mom kicked me and i was like 'dont hit me im the sick one'
Me at the start of 9x03: Me at the end of 9x03:
Aang A:TLA katara Avatar: the last airbender why do I do this to myself dont touch me myatlagif kataangedit i dont even know dont talk to me
* emma real madrid erika Zinedine Zidane marcelo vieira rmedit THIS WAS PRECIOUS DONT TOUCH ME
"homosexuality is wrong bc god said so" *mom voice* well if god said to jump off a bridge would you
quotes exo Kai exo k jongin ehhh exo10 iddddk howuggglay
1k Teen Wolf stiles stilinski gifs(3) tw edit twedit malia tate stalia this gifset is so long i am so sorry it's mostly this super long because i really needed to have the part where he's like 'SHE MIGHT' and he steps closer to her cause i just really love that part i don't know why asdffgjsjks also here's the thing about stalia i feel like i'm a split personality because sometimes i ship them so much and i cry a lot (like rn while i was making this stupid gifset) but then sometimes their scenes make me cringe and i'm just like ehhh i don't know what's happening to me this is horrible