• and it had rhythm and stuff •
daily reminder that the boy you’re in love with at 16 probably won’t matter when you’re 25. daily reminder that the math test you failed your freshman year of high school probably won’t matter when you’re graduating college. daily reminder that the problems you’re...
Black and White dress white photograph black dance children kids jump twist Twist and Shout RHYTHM Ayo I once was a kid all I had was a dream. Mo money mo problems when I get it I 'mma pile it up
the vampire diaries my stuff damon and elena i had to do it when she threw away that piece of furniture... it was priceless
please watch this
Black and White hip hop rap b&w my shit Poster hiphop real hiphop keep it real rhythm and poetry
The Hunger Games my stuff Mockingjay as my excuse it's almost half past 2 am and i've had a lot of sugar today that must be it
my stuff idek I had this saved for months and I just remembered about it I'm in love with this comment
gif 1k mine bbc Snoop Dogg Pharrell Williams Pharrell snoop billionaire boys club drop it like its hot snoop lion snoop dogg gif pharrell gif snoop lion gif pharell williams gif r&g rhythm and gangsta
1k * doctor who dw TARDIS mine* dwedit i'm sorry i haven't posted many graphics and stuff for awhile i've been busy and haven't had inspiration but don't worry i'll get back to it!
portal :( portal 2 wheatley kazy makes stuff portaledit portal edit anyways here u go sorry this looks so bad!!! i have a crappy psd and i had to record this myself because i couldnt find a video of it pls reblog this i had to go thru so much it crashed so many times this gifset is my blood and tears
dat ass garnet steven universe su stuff giant woman
gif mine music smoke fresh indie water pink x pastel modern xx air gypsy transparent pale The XX bubblegum RHYTHM rosy
1k my stuff Arthur Pendragon BBC Merlin merlinedit themerlinfamily lots of love to sonia btw she helped me decide how to do this lbr i had to include merlin cus he did betray arthur's confidence and trust we know whY HE DID IT but he still lied to arthur and thats enough i've never had this many tags on one of my posts before lol
My art the hobbit fili kili and stuff MIGUEL Y TULIO also thorin thorin is tired of all this shit you are doing it wrong kili also.. it was almost like hundred frames had to cut a bit road to el erebor
mine: edit marveledit stuckyaunet hailstuckynet punkcapnet vintagesoldiers sorry guys i had to i'm so sorry i should be organizing stuff for school but anyways here it is i made it i hate myself i'm just so full of regret but i had fun so also thanks joan for helping and shit
:) harry potter draco malfoy And I love him and I would read all of them I did not eat a craynon!! my parents and me are currently cleaning up the attic and we found so much cool stuff!! sadly we also found old fanfictions of mine do you remember the time when you had to PRINT OUT fanfictions to read them in school? And in every fanfiction Dumbledore was evil and at some point Harrys 'real name' was revealed and it was ALWAYS Alex Why was is happening was it an inside joke
my stuff Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki j2 queue it up baby i will never get over this (br)otp: can you tie my tie? j2 stuff jared stuff yeah i know i already giffed this but i just had to gif this again because just look at jared's face just the way he looks at jensen and i will never understand how people can see this and still think that jared and jensen don't love each other
My art my stuff DAMNIT Daft Punk whoops electroma anyways yeah well here it is *something daft punk's electroma sandyfrank nevermind about it taking a while lol i got too excited but here it is!!! i had to hand animate it because my sister had to finish her history homework and the computer she was using was the one that had photoshop we were talking about electroma and art and then kayla mentioned somehting about a good end where guybot was able to convince thomasbot not sorry the animation's kinda sucky i drew the frames between 10 in the evening to 2 in the morning anyway ahhh i hope you like it kayla!! <3 terribly sorry it's very messy dghdhd ugh wait *convinve thomasbot not to do it *convince edit: file size too big. fixed it
Fanart idk My Love sketches dragon age dragon age 2 Dragon Age Origins zevran i had a lot of stuff to do this weekend and but then i got much more stuff to do so i had to do the stuff so i couldn't do the original stuff and then i drew zevran instead of doing that first stuff oh god zevran