• and now seeing Korra final seeing the progression of this relationship and seeing the beautiful point on which they stop... •
Korra the legend of korra lok Asami Sato Korrasami lokedit I woke up this morning and I saw that message from Bryan and I got so emotional I cried for some time and got late to uni because this isn't about your otp winning a stupid fandom ship war; it stopped being about it when korrasami actually happened because it is just so much SO MUCH yes some cartoons did have minor queer couples that they managed to slip in their episodes but it NEVER was about the title character the face of the whole show not in a western media and do you know what are the stories about queer ladies are? these that you as a teenager try to find in secret afraid of family and friends these are the stories in which in 90% of cases women like you struggle for love and acceptance only for a brief moment after which it will all crash down and one of the women will die it's like some cruel lesson that is being repeated over and over again: if you are a queer woman you will never be happy and now seeing Korra final seeing the progression of this relationship and seeing the beautiful point on which they stop... I don't know it just gives you that feeling that maybe everything will be alright and i'm just rambling a lot and i'm sorry i'm just very emotional all over again not sure that i'm even making that much sense oh yes and this is for you anon that asked me to gif something with bryan's quotes
my gif gif mygif dci DCI Finals The Darkside of the Rainbow Colts 2014 I remember seeing this guy in pit last year and now hes a scarecrow
Roleplayers are not obligated: To follow you because you are part of the fandom they RP in. To follow you back just because you appear in their followers list. To continue following you just because you don’t want them to “abandon” you. To continue following you if you spam/harrass...
SDCC 2012 korra panel sorry she was supposed to come after bumi's pics somehow i missed the file
:) gifs Taraji P. Henson this makes me smile empire cast
legend of korra the legend of korra lok artbook asami Asami Sato book 4 legend of korra artbook book 4 artbook finally some hd scans of that concept art I've been cringing all week seeing those other posts floating by don't get me wrong I really appreciate the effort they put into making those images but I needed high def quality of these outfits tbh
Fanart exo baekhyun exo fanart chanyeol baekyeol yes I used chanyeol because I believe he supports baekhyun 101% in his relationship baekyeol exists because they are willing to care for each other and they want what's best for each other every ship is the same to the delusional people out there stop it because you are idiots okay neither you or chanyeol owns baekhyun he can fucking love anyone he wants he can like my dick and no one can do anything about it I am just very tired of seeing him getting hate by ignorance and abandoned this is also for twin I believe your ship is real because of the true love of brotherhood no ship will sink if everyone believes in their own
mygifs free! nanase haruka matsuoka rin RinHaru i didn't realize until i had them all here that this shows how much their relationship has changed like the actions are similar but the intentions and reactions are so different now rin still looks at haru with that fond look that 'i have a massive crush and i'm going to marry you haru' look but this time haru does't turn around and tell rin that 'no. i wont swim with you' instead he smiles??? this tiny sweet smile and they both look so fond of each other and everything i'm crying and rin still waits for haru before the race. he waits and he doesn't deny it bc it's obvious he's there for haru but this time rin isn't slouched in his seat he's sitting all easy going and confident 'hey haru you're finally here. yeah i've just been leaning against the lockers waiting for you no big deal' and he isn't there to tell him essentially 'i'm better and i'll prove it and then it'll be over' anymore and in the fourth rows everything is so similar?? except its like the beginning and the end rin asking haru to swim in a relay and haru saying no that he doesn't care about times that he just wants to feel the water and thats it but this time rin is all 'i knew you could get fired up' and he looks so PROUD and haru doesn't leave this time he turns his head bc he's embarrassed bc rin is right. bc rin can get him fired up and caring about more than the water he's embarrassed and he turns his head but he's not rejecting or dismissing rin and the last ones??? where he's kind of saying the same thing that theres no gaurantee that haru will make it to the final and asking if haru still thinks he's the fastest in the water but he's not antagonistic this time. he's not saying 'dont disappoint me' he's acknowledging haru and telling him he needs more that he's gonna take his cool face and make it hot that he's gonna ignite that passion in haru ok and not snuff it out like in s1 the only think that never changs is haru reflected in rin's eyes haru gazing at rin and seeing himself reflected there rin always watching and focused on haru THIS GOT SO LONG BYE this is for you losers on twit who cried with me ok
Seeing All The Amazing RP-ers On Your Dash And You're Just Like
2ne1 minzy Bom cl dara chaeilgifs i've been seeing a lot of pessimism on my dash so i wanted to make something to cheer everybody up the girls are working hard so let's just support them as best we can right now even in the future if something does happen let's never stop supporting them blackjacks are a force to be reckoned with and don't let anybody forget it but for now when nothing is set in stone the thing that would mean the most to our girls is to know they have our support so don't let pessimism get you down and focus on cheering 2ne1 on!!! stay strong everybody our girls need us
the hobbit mine [4] dos Smaug hobbitedit Desolation of Smaug the best thing about this movie was seeing it in the theater and hearing benedict cumberbatch's incredible voice
* robert downey jr tony stark rdj Iron Man 3 well posting this now cause im seeing it the night of may 2nd and im all that matters also you cant see the 3 in the 2nd gif but whatever happens
fiona apple
Rihanna im so beyond tired of seeing these ugly as photoshop pics everywhere and ppl actually thinking it's real
the straights are. Unfortunate
my post loki mythology norse mythology this took longer than i thought it would
1k kaya scodelario the maze runner gifs(3) tmredit teresa agnes i love you. she is so great. and i finally caught up on most of the tmr interview which i've been meaning to do for days now sigh such a stupid cast. i love them!! can't believe i'll very hopefully be seeing tmr next week i told my friends 5 times already that they're going to the cinema with me on thursday yo
Digimon comparison long post digimon adventure tri kvo talks i sitll cannot BELIEVE... ok yeah we see them as adults in the series but like seeing this animation style on them FEELS SO FRESH i just wanted a comparison on my blog now back to homework and i was like takeru?? yamato?? then i remember they have diff names in the english version lmao now when i see yamato ishida i think of sui ishida bye izzy got them eyebrow game still goin and joe has his glasses reversed tai and matt will you guys be chill this time around