• and one day i told him that this project couldn't be finished by the end of the day and he was standing really close to me but like it didnt •
have you ever not liked someone in a romantic way and everything is cool and all then they do something small like touch your shoulder or say something funny and you just kind of freeze and think oh oh no
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harry potter confused thisĀ  was intended to be a snape joke but that wound is too fresh D': last week a child bullied me on the bus he was like ten he said hello to me I said hello then he wipped out a a rubber i do not mean the sex rubber I mean the marmelade one and wobbled it around on my face and said I have a rubber! I have a rubber! I would like to tell you that I gave him a lecture and that he now knows not to show his rubbers in such a pushy way but I was just so and I just stared at him and he stared back and he put his rubber back and we continued to ride the bus where did he even got that rubber it was one of those really thick ones you use for those giant marmelade cups maybe I should have asked but children are so confusing to me even though I actually did my 8th grade school internship at our local kindergarden and on the last day I found out that like 25% of the children attending that kindergarten were my cousins we are from a small village were you my cousin as well rubber boy?
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MY EDIT LOTR Frodo Baggins Samwise Gamgee lotredit frodo x sam hahah i don't care everyone and their grandmother made a gifset for these two with this quote the ways we can read those words when it comes to these two blow my mind   every day don't disappear don't give in don't lose yourself don't give up don't forget home don't forget who you are don't forget us don't go where i can't   follow for i will go to hell and back and it will be our doom and i will still hold your hand and be grateful and love you like i never did anyone else frodo is made of dreams he's made of different matter magic light glow of sun and stars and in sam's view he's never really within sam's grasp he's got his head full of dreams and yearnings and then shadows and defeaning whispers and sam's there the rock solid ground sheltering force SO THAT DREAMS WON'T MAKE HIM RUN AWAY AND ESCAPE HOME AND SO THAT DARKNESS WON'T DEVOUR HIM IN THE END but he never really catches him he never really has him in his arms BELONGING AND WHOLE frodo is chasing thrills sam's there to always keep him safe frodo is being taken by the ring sam's there to never let it entirely happen but in the end it's always an echo a wisp of smoke a memory of who frodo used to be that runs through his fingers to never really be his for frodo never really comes back from his 'adventure' AND YET frodo offers him the book HIS ENTIRE LIFE IN THE WRITTEN FORM like in the end he says I HAD ALWAYS BEEN YOURS SAMWISE GAMGEE YOU MADE ME YOU SHAPED ME YOU HAD ME ALL take care of me like you always did and then follow me one last time and sam does of course he does long post (sorry i'm suddenly addicted to 500px)
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mine edits edit naruto oh well itachi uchiha itachi narutographic naruedit narutoall sobs into hands i was rereading those chapters for the sake of a fic for dena and/// here i am sobbing for itachi/// i never make itachi edits so this was also a chance uvu itachi knew he took wrong decisions he knew and was prepared to die as a traitor and most of all i believe he willingly accepted to be konoha's pawn even if it must have been the worst decision he ever made but the words shisui told him helped him assume the role konoha gave him cause he's a pawn and that's it//// for the good of konoha cause imagine the war that would have taken place i'm happy he knew his mistakes and accepted them but like////// itachi is a v complex character who did bad things for the sake of others now that i think about it he must have been a really lonely man no i don't buy the kisame and itachi were really good friends cause even kisame didnt knew much so he knew him but not like ppl say he did and i'm also quoting dena on this sobs
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* but still les miserables enjolras x grantaire gifs: les mis gnomon luchia13 enjoliras OH MY GOD I FINISHED IT I DID IT I SAID I WOULD AND I DID THIS TOOK ME F O R E V E R IM EVER DOING ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN to be fair it wouldnt have taken so long if i hadnt taken month-long breaks after every like 30 frames please for the sake of this gifset pretend that james mcavoy and gblags are the same person and that sometimes R has a beard and then suddenly he doesnt oh well gblags i love you but you really need to get material that isnt shot in FUCKING CANDLELIGHT SPECIAL THANKS TO SARAH FOR GETTING ME THROUGH THIS (((the fic is a lot better than this gifset makes it out to be i tried my best but how could i possibly come close u get me))) i wanted to get the wiki article in there too but ehhhh it didnt work that caption doesnt have anything to do with the gifset rlly its just my favourite little moment euheuehueue [rolls back into dumpster] THANK U LUCHIA i am devastated theres no hand holding in this............... 'still' by daughter ft. me crying in frustration was the soundtrack to this are those enough tags i think so
Fanart Marvel headcanon speed ya artsy fartsy young avengers billy kaplan wiccan scarlet witch Wanda Maximoff tommy shepherd mcu marvel cinematic universe Avengers Age of Ultron aou don't mind me it's just some random ramblings that happened WOOH LOOK AT MY WALL OF TEXT guys please tell me what you think XD also guys click on the full view to see the details teehee
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gif mine holy shit les miserables mine: graphic lesmisedit so that post about one day more that was tagged smth like 'this is a great song until you realize most of these people really did only live one day more' that got me thinking and I was listening to red and black and it got to the end and I was like no bbys no they won't oh look I made myself sad again mine: lm
mine Graphic naruto uzumaki I actually started this like 5 hours ago and got distracted by various things and just remembered it was sitting in ps shjafgs like I said I don't know why I decide to make sad things or anything at all :'( I can't tell you how much I wanted to fist bump every pedestrian as I ran through my neighboorhood screaming HE DEFEATED PAIN! THE VILLAGERS ACTUALLY FUCKING RESPECT HIM HAHAHHA REGRET BEING A BUNCH OF JERKS TO HIM DON'T YA?! after watching that ep daps bitches naruto has every right in the world to just one day say fuck it all I'm not feelin' it because he works his ASS OFF I wish I could find in myself the determination that naruto has I will forever love him for everything and anything he chooses to be he deserves nothing but the best :')
mygifs mine exo exo k CE chanyeol xxxxk lostplanet tlp osaka i feel kind of saddddddddd :(((((( this is one of the things he hates the most.... reminds me of weekly idol.... and when he said on exost conference that he doesn't want ppl to ask him to dance for amusement... but oh well :((( it was park of the segment :((( sorry yeol :(((((( LMAO at sehun being like ''IIGHT OK MOVE ASIDE I'LL DO IT'' and shaking his ass everywhere in front of the fan tho lmao smh smh smh but sighs again i know youre working really hard on your dancing bby it's okay u___u there's no need to be embarrassed u___u