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people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important
Drop whatever you're doing and share your desktop
I need a friend that would go to different forests and abandoned places with me
disney Mary Poppins emma thompson the sherman brothers David Tomlinson saving mr. banks p.l. travers and too many other people this gifset took me aGES to make if this doesn't get any notes i will SCREAM AND CRY
RUSSIA HAS DECLARED THAT THEY’RE INVADING UKRAINE OFFICIALLY. NOT EVEN HIDING BEHIND OLD AGREEMENTS. Britain has to aid the Ukrainians against the Russians now,  America warned Russia not to, with consequences if they did, so now they’re involved,  Canada was looking into what Russia was doing to se...
1k ** International Women's Day literally too many people to tag not really sorry it's so long bc that's the point!!! ladies are important and should be recognized!! ooooobviously there are tons of other women who could also be in this photoset but i tried really hard to get a wide variety of people there are literally 100 people here so please reblog this took like 6 hours and by 100 people i mean 100 photos bc there are some photos with multiple people ya
I’m so annoyed with the whole ‘you can’t hate that character’ attitude because heck— Yes. Yes you can hate a character. And you don’t need some deep as hell reason for it, you can hate a character just because. The only thing you shouldn’t do is be an asshol...
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hey, a tip to those of you who have mentally ill friends  ~if your friend is very upset, having a breakdown, depressed or otherwise not mentally well, don’t default to giving them space. while many people need or want space when they’re upset, for others it can make them feel isolated, u...
My art hetalia APH APH AMERICA APH France frus bc you know pans france and ace america are my fav not everyone in hetalia is gay theres other sexualities too ppl
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