• and the sharpening •
Now this crosses the line
lord of the rings TTT 1000 gandalf eomer lotredit emilys graphics *ttt tried a new sharpening effect and idk if i like it or not???
~ action psd psds resource gif psd psd gif atn gif action sharpening action gif sharpening gif atn sharpening atn gif sharpening action gif sharpening atn
gifs movies horror aaliyah oh my god queen of the damned Queen Akasha this is some of the most perfect gifs ive made and the sharpening
1k gif* tv: teen wolf twgif twedit 400* derekshales fyteenwolf danielsgillies halestilinskis i'm really liking this new sharpening :)) couldn't fit boyd and he was the one with the least episode appearances SIGHS
my shit robin hood Regina Mills ouatedit reginamillsedit robinhoodedit outlawqueenedit outlaw queen i'm so maaad tumblr fucked up the quality of this thing i spent 500 yrs sharpening/blurring it to perfection and then sldjfakds
1k mine edit gerard way frank iero my chemical romance mcr Revenge era m: mcr ok but I just now figured out the sharpening technique that looks so pretty and I'm really happy woot
mygifs queue The Hunger Games katniss everdeen primrose everdeen thgedit newgif I'm out hunting demons with Jace and Alec I tred a new sharpening method okay?
TV hannibal hugh dancy will graham nbc hannibal hannibaledit mygifhann new sharpening thing it was risky i had to uninstall photoshop and install the extended verision DO U LIKE THO
doctor who Rose Tyler ten ten x rose coloring and sharpening pre s5 you mean death
matt smith Eleven David Tennant ten *mine dwedit finally updated this new gifs! (also sharpening and HD videos and an actual attempt at colouring...) how times change I still love this aspect of the Doctor though
gif 1k edit sunggyu sungjong myungsoo woohyun infinite sungyeol 2k Dongwoo Hoya woollim lee jungyeop woollim boss idk?!?!?!?! otl im such a huge fan of this cute ceo so forgive me..... (and sorry for the mess sharpening coloring and grammar) and yes!! there'll be pt 2 but itll take a while ahehehe
bts Bangtan BTS Gifs bangtan gifs harugifs idk tags man i aint gonna tag all the members fuck that anyways last one lmao i tested out my new photoshop with the convert to timeline function and it looks amazing with the sharpening s/o to ignis for helping me;;;
my gifs mine beauty and the beast 2k Belle batb batbedit Disneyedit *beautyandthebeast the sharpening made this gifs look like shit but they were really blurry otherwise so i left it like this
kurt hummel blaine anderson rachel berry mercedes jones mygifs2 sibling au this looks shitty but i think i figured out the sharpening problem but i wasn't gonna redo all of this it ook me 2 hours omfg just ignore the fact they're in different rooms
game of thrones how got Beyond The Wall got meme *gifset lol lately I feel like one of these people who use too many coloring and sharpening on their edits 16 layers over each gif [6]
mine pepperony 1k* my marvel tony x pepper my graphics 5 marveledit ironmanedit pepperonynet sorry about the awful colouring and sharpening it looks so bad now i've uploaded it
doctor who Twelve bae peter capaldi dw** dwedit twelfth doctor twelve x clara horrible colouring Gorgeous face whouffaldi horrible gifset twelveedit horrible sharpening
1k mine Dylan O'Brien stiles stilinski i'm just really trying out a new coloring and a new sharpening