• and their faces i •
ashley benson shay mitchell ** lindsey shaw klsdjfglkajdfasd lindsey you are adorable and their faces i
  • One Direction:Were performing What Makes You Beautiful!
  • Directioners:Ew Why
  • Directioners:'come up with a bunch of plot twists'
  • Directioners:...
Larry Stylinson mine boobear and babycakes idk i was rewatching the video diaries and i just had to make a gif??????????? but their faces pls
love Black and White Gossip Girl ed westwick chuck bass blair waldorf Leighton Meester chuck and blair i love them THEIR FACES fav couple Perfect Couple xoxo gossip girl
i think the thing i love most about louis and harry’s relationship is that even after all this time of being in a committed relationship, they still kind of have massive crushes on each other
kuroshitsuji ciel phantomhive sebastian michaelis ??? .... ... i guess kuroshitsujiedit kuro spoilers chapter 107 their faces are ridiculously cute *crawls on the floor* i love them so much
doodle puella magi madoka magica Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica kyosaya madoka rebellion i hate their dumb faces and their stupid dumb antics my god they are so perfect
*k carmilla cause i'm bored rgraphics damnity carmillaedit natasha and elise CITF14 posting shit at midnight and i love their faces a lot especially these faces rgraphics: ne
1k ** Chris Evans scarlett johansson *sj *ce sdcc13 their faces at the end omg i can't wait for their dynamic
mine otp game of thrones no i love them so much Jaime Lannister Brienne of Tarth nikolaj coster-waldau gwendoline christie excuse me NO NO NO NO got spoilers Jaime x Brienne WHAT WAS THIS PERFECT EPISODE I WANT MY TEARS BACK ALSO MY FEELS THEIR PERFECTION KNOWS NO BOUNDS T_T their faces!!! THEIR FACES
nine Twelve fuckyeah1k mineANIME anime for ts mine2k14 zankyou no terror terror in tokyo terror in resonance mineznt znt spoilers I only included the first and last scenes where we actually see their faces i'm still an emotional mess. ugh!!!!
“This is the last twilight movie” robert pattinson whispers. he lifts his face towards the sky and raises his arms. He begins to float, over the buildings, through the clouds. He floats out of range of earth’s gravitational pull and begins to spin through the stars. he is free
idk new jack falahee HTGAWM htgawmedit Connor Walsh conrad ricamora oliver hampton coliveredit just wanted to gif their happy faces cayse the next ep promised to pain and pain again
1k my gifs Arthur Pendragon Merlin BBC Merlin merthur merlinedit gif merlin and if you stare at this set for a while you will be watching merlin and arthur rub their faces
santana lopez noah puckerman my gifs* THEIR FACES I just had to lmao
Chen Kyungsoo mongif chensoo sit back and appreciate their faces
louis harry why? yea boyfriends hiding half their faces cause theres hickeys and shit
friends F.R.I.E.N.D.S feelings rachel green ross geller Ross and Rachel LOOK AT THEIR FACES otp: ross and rachel she got off the plane... friendsedit
* joe jonas Nick Jonas jonas brothers $ i'm sorry i just wanted to gif this video look at them look at their faces this happened in november and i just saw the video a few days ago i'm a bad fan this will get 1 note or 0 it's ok stupid blue lights