• and yet it does not make him bitter it does not make him angry it does not make him demanding •
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gif film mine leonardo dicaprio leodcaprio this boy's life oh my god i can't SIX INCHES im fucking crying what is this i usually don't make gifs unless they're HQ but i had to sorry not sorry i left out the bits about lois lane bc im lazy and didn't wanna make more gifs ALSO he's a year older than i am right now in this movie why does he look 5 im still super attracted to him though what does that say about me tbl*
you know what would be really fucking great if sam and castiel got some goddamn dialogue together
elena gilbert damon salvatore mine[4] god idek first time i make something like this
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yo automatically labelling every guy wearing a dress genderqueer/trans* is harmful, because what you are basically saying is that no man can ever engage in femininity -  whereas women have been wearing trousers and suits for years and yet those traditionally masculine items of clothing are ‘ge...
Things that don’t make people a weeaboo: Liking anime Liking manga Being interested in Japanese culture or language Enjoying Japanese video games/rpg games Wearing clothing items or carrying bags with anime-related pictures on them Owning any other merchandise related to the above things Thing...
but it's cute ya lil shit ok maybe it helps a little irenasthoughts
~ naya rivera does this make sense i hope it does
isn’t it weird that you can have friends but also have no friends at the same time
does this make it rebloggable? ehhh sorry
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does this make it rebloggable?
sherlock johnlock asib don't know if it's been done before so okay just a little point here: i'm not saying that it's the same but the Irene scene made me think look at all the meals scenes we NEVER see sherlock actually eating anything and yet he's always there when John does we know he never eats while on a case but why should he stay with John while he eats? wouldn't he consider it a waste of his time? he could just leave John behind and carry on with the case but no he always stays with him even if he's not hungry whether they're on a case or not sherlock stays with John i'm just saying that it means something what you want to take from this is up to you
pierce the veil tony perry ptv had to jessie lee sorry for the rant
Harry Styles One Direction DOES THIS EVEN MAKE SENSE lets pretend it does harry's flop answers/jokes/stories and boys' reactions to them aka my favorite thing
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