• and you first four can all shut up •
omg justice league SRSLY? vixen you sassy homewrecker and hal and roy need to HUSH UP ALFRED DON'T LET BRUCE BAIL and you first four can all shut up green arrow black canary wedding special
homestuck Dave Strider John Egbert idk davejohn johndave drawings john/dave SMOOCHES lol idk about text that was just the first thing that came to mind when i finished you can imagine them saying something else er nothing at all im gonna shut up now and leawe these loosers here now
In age of ultron when thor is all amused by his friends being unable to pick up mjolnir all I want i...
gaming want tech etsy need cool stuff Gadgets tetris geeky SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY Gear gift ideas connect four cool gadgets gifts for kids Awesome Shit You Can Buy Toy Gifts Gifts For Geeks Gifts For Gamers Geeky Gift Ideas
gifs doctor who mine dwedit shut up I'm counting danny as a companion already okay I love how you can see their personality as children Rose listening to her mom to intently and she was always caring and great at listening River being all though and cool rory being...well Rory
yeah lol!!! anxiety is so fun and quirky!!! i love feeling like everyone hates me and feeling like all of my friends and even my girlfriend regret ever talking to me in the first place!!!! and wow i especially love how when people surround me in a puiblic place i feel like i cant breathe!!! yes anxi...
Fanart Teen Wolf Sterek can anybody stop me?!
1k my gifs mine sarah Ellie !! joel the last of us exciting My first gifset tlou im proud shut up ellie and sarah parallels FIRST 1K POST
* justin bieber justins birthday stuff5 favedit ive never typed out my justin feels before im so embarrased happy birthday baby!!!!!
homestuck upd8 angie shut up SCREEAMS
should you fight one direction
louis tomlinson: absolutely you should fight him. it’ll be great. you’ll win. motherfucker’ll shriek like a howler monkey and insult every member of your family in the process, but it’ll all be while hiding directly behind burlier, liam-ier people. if you can corner him, just grasp his arms against ...
Robin Williams gif warning Genie thank you! hey so this kind of exploded struggling to source the first four if anyone has that information please message us
magical lingerie moments with arabelle sicardi
it’s steve and bucky’s first new year together in the modern world. there’s nothing world-threatening going on, almost like all the villains in the universe all declared a ceasefire clint suggests that they should go to times square for the ball drop at least once in their lives. a...
the walking dead Rick Grimes Daryl Dixon carol peletier carl grimes Michonne maggie greene Glenn Rhee beth greene shut up haley first of all im so sorry
Everyone shut the fuck up and stop over analysing and all lets enjoy Zofa
do you ever just look at someone and know they would die in a zombie apocalypse
to the people that follow me on tumblr that i know irl
myedit doujinshi haikyuu Haikyuu!! kagehi kagehina Jigsaw Puzzle Love and dreams arhlkj i rly liked the art in this one