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  • Liam & Andy in fake Mustaches listening to Mexican music
  • Liam wearing a metal bowl on his head
  • Andy somersaulting across the hallway
  • Paul in his robe
  • Preston's Irish Superman shirt
  • Liam & Andy talking about hiding from fans under cars
  • Liam & Andy doing the 1, 2, 3 flick
  • Liam hitting his head on a lamp
  • ...
One Direction liam payne troll andy samuels good andy good
One Direction spirit animal andy samuels
Harry Styles One Direction andy samuels
and the biggest fuck up in 2012 goes to
edit andy samuels are you on drugs
I went on google maps and searched Funky Buddha, the club Liam and Andy always go to, and a list of reviews came up and this was one of them: I’m dying omg
liam payne andy samuels landy patthy
One Direction snooki andy samuels
Liam’s friends:   Liam’s girlfriend: Liam: 
One Direction liam payne twitter andy samuels andysamuels31
seriously like this is the broke version of gordo and ethan craft gone clubbing: lizzie mcguire, the college years
Niall Horan birthday andy samuels
twitter myposts andy samuels
One Direction Niall Horan LOL mine andy samuels Andy Happy bday Nialler
louis tomlinson LOL this is hilarious andy samuels OMGGGGGG stanley lucas poor andy