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  • Rock On!:I love to read your writing, even if it's not for one of our threads.
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  • Wow:Every now and then I read a line of your work and it just sticks with me. You have some very poignant quotes!
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50% of my problems are caused by not knowing where I stand with people. I need people to be blunt and literal and just up front with me. If you don’t like me, if I did something to offend you, if you’re mad at me, if there’s something annoying that I continue to do. I need you to s...
Shout out to those who are having a hard time right now.  This is only temporary.
Truth or truth?
1. Are you good at apologizing? 2. Do you prefer your looks or personality? 3. Are you confident? 4. What are you most confident about yourself? 5. Name a few songs that reminds you of someone, and who it remind you of. 6. What is your favourite colour combination? 7. Define your “aesthetic”. 8. Wha...
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  • Deep Red - I request your company for pizza.
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  • Pink - I rather like your face
  • Blue - You’re beautiful
  • Rose - Your blog is great
  • Purple - You’re hotter than the southern hemisphere
  • Plum - I would fuck you.
  • Violet - I would date you.
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Everyone that reblogs this, I will seriously send you a compliment.  I’m serious. Everyone. I promise. Reblog this.
  • ☮:______ or ______? (era, group, mv, idol)
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  • ✐ :tell me some of your favorite fics!
  • ☺ :post a picture of yourself with ______! (aegyo, handwriting, gesture)
  • ❤:what made you realize you love your bias?
  • ♨:I ship you with ______! (idol, username)
  • ☏:top three blogs for ______ (certain idol)
  • ✭:describe a perfect date with your bias...
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