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antagonist does not equal bad guy antagonist does not equal bad guy antagonist does not equal bad guy
Your Character’s Personality
Personality is the most important thing about your character.So, whenever I see character sheets, most people just put a little paragraph for that section. If you’re struggling and don’t know what your character should say or do, what decisions they should make, I guarantee you that this is the prob...
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but nope snk no words shingeki no kyojin Eren Yeager Annie Leonhardt fandom: snk ereannie just no words i actually thought they'd include it annie had to be THE ANTAGONIST!!! god forbid there's more to an antagonist than some childhood trauma induced by her father god forbid!!
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i see a pattern here
both avengers watch their best friend fall to their death and then come back like this
Let's Talk About: Creating Villains
A villain (also known in film and literature as the “antagonist,” “baddie”, “bad guy”, “heavy” or “black hat”) is an “evil” character in a story, whether a historical narrative or, especially, a work of fiction. The villain usua...
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