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watching Oitnb
Piper: *isn’t even talking*Me: Just shut up, shut the f*ck up
let me explain somethingeven if this is brainwashingeven if this is just an acteven if this gets retconnedeven if this is nothing more than a dumb publicity stuntit is part of an on-going trend at marvel that shows the appalling lack of respect they have for jewish characters and creators and the bi...
* edit beyonce event
NCAA Board of Governors voted Wednesday to require cities to prove they can provide an environment free of discrimination before they can host any event, including the men’s ...
beyonce tanya5 mine: beyonce beyedit what a queen her costumes are always so beautiful
gif gifs lgbtq transgender liberal north carolina redneck Siz
1k beyonce Backstage blue ivy
The Daily Show daily show comedy central sikh bigotry muslims xenophobia waris ahluwalia Trevor Noah hasan minhaj anti-Muslim the daily show with trevor noah sikh-americans muslim-americans anti-muslim bigotry
anti reylo
April 13: Rihanna performing ”Numb” at the Air Canada Centre...
poverty income inequality job interview wealth inequality anti capitalism
carl sagan mars space art scifi art Terraforming Mars Herb Herrick World Book Science Annual
JRat is very close to a jewish slur
Seriously, rat/jewrat has roots going back to nazi propaganda, is defined in antisemitic ways in urban dictionary, and is currently used by white supremacy sites. Jrat is sometimes a verbatim antisemitic insult.To make matters worse, Jason Rothenburg is Jewish. Now, I know that the vast majority of ...
Rihanna awt
1k Rihanna 5k 10k 20k awt connecticut kfenty Anti World Tour
  • Me:*ships a harmless gay ship*
  • The Straights:um that will never happen
  • The Straights:*ship a girl with her abuser because they're misreading blatant fear as sexual tension*
  • The Straights:yes good
justin bieber purpose tour
justin bieber purpose tour
1k Rihanna Washington 10k awt kfenty Anti World Tour
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