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i never hear feminists talk about FGM, forced marriages, or acid attacks until a woman says she isnt a feminist. like dont fucking act like you give a shit about those women! you all complain about the wage gap (debunked), manspreading, and fucking Blurred Lines. when we say “women are not...
The fact is, like it or not, you still live a world where gender matters. Where gender controls not just the entire course of your life – bu...
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Imagine This
Imagine that your partner has been hitting you. Yelling at you. You’ve been married for a few years, you’re both in your 30s, you have a little daughter, and everything you do seems to be wrong. You’ve been made fun of, mocked and belittled by your partner. But you need them, because you can’t take ...
"Kill all men" typed the teenage girl on the laptop her father bought for her
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  • Me:I'm sick of feminists hurting innocent men.
  • Feminists:lol tell me, when have feminists ever hurt innocent men?
  • Me:*provides a bunch of incidents of feminists hurting men*
  • Feminists:Those aren't real feminists that doesn't count.
  • Me:....
  • Feminists:Men are fucking rapist scum! #killallmen #misandry4lyfe
  • Me:That's sexist, how can you judge an entire gender like that?
  • ...
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Nobody is ever allowed to speak again, you MIGHT hurt someone feelings.
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feminism hypocrisy i need feminism because anti feminism I don't need feminism because
feminism i need feminism because anti feminism I don't need feminism because
  • Feminist:If you're not a feminist, you are ignorant.
  • Person:Feminism itself has turned into a very ignorant movement.
  • Feminist:Women in America are oppressed!
  • Person:How so? We have every right that men do.
  • Feminist:Girls have to follow dress codes at school.
  • Person:So do boys. Everyone has to dress decently for the learning environment.
  • Feminist:Women only make 77¢ for every $1 men do.
  • Person:That argument has been debunked countless times. It has far more to do with career choices than it does with sexism. You as well as I know that the wage gap is not real.
  • ...
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If you replace ‘men’ with ‘Jews’, a huge percentage of Tumblr becomes nazi propaganda.
Political Lesbianism
Thank you, feminism, for introducing political lesbianism to people. Thank you for saying that lesbianism is a choice, which entirely undermines my sexuality and the fact that I didn’t choose to be this way. Thank you for pushing the perception that lesbians are anti-man and man hating.  I app...
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