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It’s 2015, I think tumblr is old enough now to understand that there are awful people in every demographic and group and that we should judge individuals for their actions and not their identity.
Cultural appropriation
I’d like to point out that eating potatoes is really degrading and offensive to Irish culture. Its really not cool guys.
Imagine This
Imagine that your partner has been hitting you. Yelling at you. You’ve been married for a few years, you’re both in your 30s, you have a little daughter, and everything you do seems to be wrong. You’ve been made fun of, mocked and belittled by your partner. But you need them, because you can’t take ...
Just your daily reminders: Racists are a problem White people are not Homophobes are a problem Straight people are not Transphobes are a problem Cis people are not Sexists are a problem Men are not And most importantly, Hating an innocent person solely because of their race, sexuality, or gender mak...
“White people are so homophobic lol”
Whenever I see strawman comics, where we’ve got the calm, supposedly-rational artist self-insert and the frothing, angry, stereotypical-in-every-way opposition, everything else gets filtered out and this is all I see:
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If you replace ‘men’ with ‘Jews’, a huge percentage of Tumblr becomes nazi propaganda.
Tumblr scares me.I’m not just exaggerating, Tumblr is really scary.All of these kids, easily offended, self-diagnosing, intolerant, hateful.This is the future generation.
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Things I’m totally here for:Racial equalityLGTBQA equalityGender equalitySocial justiceThings I’m not here for:Hating on white people in the name of racial equalityHating on cisgendered heterosexuals in the name of LGTBQA equalityHating on men in the name of gender equalitySocial justice...
  • Tumblr:Lets spam Plebcomic's employer with disgusting pornographic images to get her fired! That'll help get our point across!
It’s so sad to see friends slowly become social justice warriors. It hurts to see someone go from a genuinely happy person who’s willing to hear other opinions to someone who can’t even watch a movie without getting upset or shutting down because a tiny part was problematic. When you have to pussyfo...
"Kill all men" typed the teenage girl on the laptop her father bought for her
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someone needs to make a “how tumblrs brand of social justice failed in the year 2014” masterpost. include: feminists making a scientist cry over his shirt the utter failure that was #stoptheparade anita sarkeesian being revealed as a fraud shia lebeouf’s ignored rape doxxing defend...
Quick PSA
Don’t let Tumblr convince you that if you are: Cis Straight White Male You have no right to: Be upset about your personal problems  Be sad when you get hate Ask for help Defend yourself against bullies Call someone on their bullshit State an opinion
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