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April 13: Rihanna performing ”Numb” at the Air Canada Centre...
3-15-16 - Anti World Tour: Miami, FL
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  • The Used:What girls like to play with their private parts? All I ask is for one titty! Girls show us all one titty and slap it in the face of the guy next to you!
  • All Time Low:Let's see how many bras we can get up here on stage today!
  • Anti Flag:You my friends are evidence of progress for the next generation. While countless other bands play with misogynistic lyrics on their tongues, we are here to fight against sexism, racism, and homophobia. And girls, if any guy has said anything degrading to you today such as, 'Show me your titties!' I want you to remember every fucking detail of his character. And when you find him in the parking lot at the end of this all, I want you to look him in the eyes and spit in his fucking face.
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