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Modern Feminist: “Do your research and learn what feminism is really about!” *Does own research*
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What I've learned from Tumblr Feminism
heterosexual men = badgay men = good white people = badpoc = good thin = badfat = good shaving = badhairy armpits = good tampons = badfreebleeding = good men who are choosy = badwomen who are choosy = good sexual objectification = badSlutWalk = good and everything is transphobia and a "trigger word"
Men’s Rights: the belief that somehow hundreds of years of male domination in basically every meaningful social institution has created a society that specifically discriminates against men on the basis of gender and that the solution to this problem is to grant more political power to men.
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F-Bombs for Feminism is disgusting. If you’re praising the exploitation of innocent children you are disgusting. Six year olds should be worrying about dotting their ‘i’s and playing, not using excessive profanity, referencing asses and penises, and talking about rape. Stop us...
That is an actual hashtag that trending right now on twitter.Remember though feminists don’t hate Men, though. *extreme sarcasm*
if women are so hurt by being called bossy, or are afraid of leadership positions because they don’t want to be called bossy are probably not fit for leadership positions to begin with.
i never hear feminists talk about FGM, forced marriages, or acid attacks until a woman says she isnt a feminist. like dont fucking act like you give a shit about those women! you all complain about the wage gap (debunked), manspreading, and fucking Blurred Lines. when we say “women are not...
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Feminists say that if they walk around naked and get raped, it’s not their fault.  Let me ask you this, if you owned a bank and left the doors wide open with no security and you got robbed in the middle of the night, is it the robbers fault or yours?
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  • Me:I'm sick of feminists hurting innocent men.
  • Feminists:lol tell me, when have feminists ever hurt innocent men?
  • Me:*provides a bunch of incidents of feminists hurting men*
  • Feminists:Those aren't real feminists that doesn't count.
  • Me:....
  • Feminists:Men are fucking rapist scum! #killallmen #misandry4lyfe
  • Me:That's sexist, how can you judge an entire gender like that?
  • ...
Men do not owe you a thing.
Seeing how women not owing men anything is getting popular, consider this: Men do not owe you a compliment, especially if they are typically the only ones to do it. Whether you are showing off a new outfit or are simply fishing for compliments, men do not owe you. Men dont owe you the check. If y...
"im not a feminist"
Nobody is ever allowed to speak again, you MIGHT hurt someone feelings.