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Social anxiety is not and never will be just a shy individual. It was never as simple as that. To help one suffering, we must understand tha...
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She was terrified of everything, and terrified to show it.
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Having both anxiety and depression is weird. It’s as if I’m too exhausted to do all the things I need to do and then getting all anxious bec...
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I don’t doubt there are people out there who pretend to have mental illnesses to get attention, but you know what’s a lot more common than that? People who pretend not to have mental illnesses just so they can fit in, and then can’t get proper treatment or support because they’re ashamed of their co...
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  • Them:"But you're smiling!"
  • Them:"But you aren't skinny enough to have an eating disorder!"
  • Them:"But I can't see any scars! Your wrists are clear!"
  • Them:"You are just shy!"
  • Them:"You just have an overactive imagination"
  • Them:"But you don't have any real sexual experience! You can't tell!"
  • Them:"It's all in your head!"
  • Them:"You choose to be this way!"
  • ...
If I cry in front of you , I’m really hurt . I hate crying in front of people . I feel weak like I’m begging for attention and sympathy and ...
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When you get anxious for no reason.
We all carry these things inside that no one else can see,they hold us down like anchors,they drown us out at sea.