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tumblr is so comforting the same people on your dash every day posting nice things no pressure of conversation they’re just there with their little icons and stuff i love the internet.
Irgendwann hörst du auf zu fragen weil du Angst vor der Antwort hast.
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  • ppl without anxiety:just change your mindset :) theres nothing to be anxious about!!!!1! why do you do stuff that makes you anxious? just stop doing it :)))))
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Doing adult things for the first time more like
“Just don’t be anxious”
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When you get anxious for no reason.
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misophonia is the worst because it’s like a) for some reason people get offended/huffy when you ask them to chew with their mouths closed and  b) you can’t explain to them that it’s because the sound makes you irrationally angry
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