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probably your worst flaw
Aries: selfishTaurus: stubbornGemini: flakyCancer: whiny Leo: egotistical Virgo: judgmental Libra: lazyScorpio: manipulativeSagittarius: foolishCapricorn: opportunistic Aquarius: neuroticPisces: lost
Bath Bombs for the signs
Aries: granny takes a dip Taurus: rose queen Gemini: avobath Cancer: big blue Leo:  dragons egg Virgo:  blackberry Libra: space girl Scorpio: twilight Sagittarius: golden wonder Capricorn: phoenix rising Aquarius: fizzbanger Pisces: sakura
Aquarius Zodiac Compatibility
Aquarius to Aries This is an interesting and fascinating match. Very lively and spirited quality. Both may be a little inconsistent, but it’s not too bad. Aquarius to Taurus There’s an abundance of education available. A reliable relationship will be extremely hard to keep together. Many unexpected...
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  • Temperament:Thinking
  • Mood:Their moods are so hard to analyse because they are so unpredictable. What sets of a response in Aquarius one day; may not worry them the next. Although detached by nature, Aquarius still have changeable emotions and racing thoughts which can take introspection to attenuate. It can take months for anger or agitation to build up in the Aquarian
  • Works From:Left Brain
  • Compulsions:Their compulsion to remain detached - despite the scenario. If emotions start to become heavy, Aquarians quickly dismiss these feelings and cannot stand to sit with uncomfortable emotions. Their need to intellectualize can impair relationships.
  • Signs of Distress:Uneasy, harder to 'reach'; as if they are far away. Silence, isolation, detachment, even though they try to appear happy. Distractible
  • Signs of Rage:Violent and volatile outbursts (verbal, physical - such as kicking in a door) then complete dissociation and amnesia, rapid thoughts, hyperactivity, confusion with interpreting the emotions
  • Signs of Nerves:Talkativeness, rapid speech, over thinking, restlessness, insomnia, confusion; Aquarians will feel anxious or nervous yet have little insight into why they feel this way or what is causing it, their minds and emotional responses are not connected, back pain
  • Signs of Happiness:Talkativeness, humour and entertainment, curiosity, ability to sit with uncomfortable emotions, less fixed and more malleable in own beliefs, increased insights and mind innovations, appropriate sleeping pattern, affectionate, creative
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tru 90s kids will remember
Aries: rock paper scissors Taurus: ring popsGemini: walkie talkiesCancer: rugratsLeo: power rangersVirgo: nintendo 64Libra: the magic school busScorpio: tamagotchiSagittarius: the original walkmanCapricorn: goosebumps seriesAquarius: are you afraid of the dark?Pisces: beanie babies and carebears
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Greatest fears of Aquarius
They’re scared that people secretly hate them, often worry that everyone will leave them and they’ll truly be alone. They are worried about being controlled. They’re also scared of being in situations where they have no power/control - such as, being humiliated. credits to thenatalchart
Aries: typhoons Taurus: dry and hotGemini: sleet Cancer: snowLeo: sunnyVirgo: windyLibra: cloudy Scorpio: hailSagittarius: wildfire Capricorn: thunderstormAquarius: mistPisces: rainy
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Its Aquarius season
go hug an aquarius 
  • Aquarius:Did you know-
  • Gemini:Yes I did. I know. I did know. I knew it from the second I was born. I. Know. It.
  • Aquarius:I was gonna say I was horny but okay.
zodiac astrology aquarius aquariustrait aquarius facts zodiac aquarius
  • aries:space enthusiast
  • taurus:floral child
  • gemini:cityscape
  • cancer:aquatic abyss
  • leo:cultural roots
  • virgo:old book smell
  • libra:clouds and sky imagery
  • scorpio:cute occult
  • ...
zodiac astrology aquarius
zodiac astrology aquarius aquariustrait aquarius facts zodac facts
(IMO) Top 5 Most Beautiful or Attractive
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