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What if the trolls went to human high school but like everyone knew what trolls were so it wasn’t as weird but still like what if
do you ever wear a fandom-related clothing item when you go out in public somewhere in hopes that someone will recognize it and they’ll come talk to you and you’ll end up making a new friend but then it never actually happens and you just get really sad instead
homestuck aradia megido tavros nitram team charge Vany
Pretty girls making ugly faces - Troll edition
i had an illegal amount of fun drawing this
homestuck trolls Karkat vriska sollux myart terezi equius gamzee eridan feferi aradia tavros kanaya
gif homestuck Karkat vriska sollux terezi equius gamzee eridan feferi aradia tavros nepeta kanaya homestuck gif so many tags hey hs tag
homestuck vriska terezi feferi aradia nepeta kanaya i more or less gave up on kanaya and terezi ajsdhgfjshd
Caught Like a Fly
Falling in Reverse  Drug in Me Is You
Falling in Reverse-Caught like a fly (if the song doesn’t play for any rea...
What if Storestuck
homestuck jake english aradia megido calliope les8ifins idek what to tag this but it was fun! i might do another tbh
homestuck My art nepeta leijon Gamzee Makara karkat vantas sollux captor aradia megido kanaya maryam terezi pyrope humanstuck equius zahhak This was fun college au thing
homestuck cupcakes cake rolls cakey art damara megido dancestors i'm not gonna bother tagging everyone else only the first 5 tags actually show up in the tags anyway
homestuck Karkat mystuff aradia tavros sullux man i cant tag everyone bc of the stupid limit :(
gif homestuck Jade Harley John Egbert Rose Lalonde vriska serket idk epilepsy warning Gamzee Makara jake english karkat vantas eridan ampora feferi peixes sollux captor aradia megido terezi pyrope jane crocker tavros nitram equius zahhak DAVESPRITE Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider jadesprite hs uwu flashing gif damara megido thank you for being a pig part of my life TAG EVERYONE cries it isn't even getting notes
Ladies And Gentlemen
Saliva  Blood Stained Love Story
my gif homestuck vriska serket karkat vantas sollux captor kanaya maryam tavros nitram Aradia Medigo How the fuck do I know all those names. *Added watermark so people don't steal it. I worked for too long for that to happen.
homestuck Halloween vriska serket nepeta leijon Gamzee Makara Karkat vriska sollux karkat vantas eridan ampora feferi peixes sollux captor kanaya maryam terezi pyrope terezi equius gamzee eridan feferi aradia tavros nepeta kanaya tavros nitram equius zahhak homestuck trolls hs hs art Aradia Medigo
Jade Harley aradia megido Dirk Strider Aradiabot dirkbot jadebot aradia-paradia arajade jadedirk
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