• are you satisfied? •
Adam Brown good lord are you kidding me you are way too adorable
my gifs who you are paradise fears sam miller 1k* paradise fears who you are
I’ve never seen him as a villain, you know. When we first met him just happened to be the day he pushed a kid out a window. It happens, we a...
Zayn Malik i love you :( my shit why are you the way that you are??? i hate you? except no i don't
do you ever feel like everyone is just sick of you
-Hello! -Hello!! -How are you? -Fine! and you? -very good!! -where are you from? -I'm from Chile, an...
Arthur Darvill what are you YOU MASSIVE HIPSTER
shoutout to the people who hate my OTPs and still follow me (????)?*:???
did yuo kno that eating too many yams will turn you into a yami
those urls you would sell your soul for
If you are a man, you should not:
Paint your nails Dye your hair Wear clothes two sizes too small Wear skinny jeans Wear dresses/skirts Wear make-up This is very simple stuff.
Converse you are beautiful afro natural hair rooftop mini naturals yab natural hair does care you are beautiful project
when you get asked what your hobbies are
  • Caucasian :I'm White
  • Mexican :I'm Latino
  • Black :I'm Black
  • Asian :I'm Black
when people think i’m cool
You Are Boring
Here’s the full text of a piece I wrote for The Magazine a few months ago. I really enjoyed writing it, and would like to thank Marco once again for publishing it there. If you haven’t checked out The Magazine yet, you should. Anyway, here’s why you’re a total snooze: Everything was going great unti...
come as you are
when the solutions to a medical problem are “reduce stress” i am like? what am i going to do about this????? not go to school?? get rid of my parents??? force myself deeper down the road of total and complete apathy???
you are my world