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trans POC needing a place to stay in the Los Angeles area
hey everyone!! i know i made a post a few months ago about this very issue, but im afraid the leads i found at that time arent working out for me @___@ im 20 and trying to leave home because i live with my parents and things are really rocky. i cant be out to them as an lgbt person, and aside from t...
Important: All Bay Area Followers
Stay out of Richmond and San Pablo and its surrounding areas. Chevron refinery set on fire & currently exploding. Hazmat alert. Anyone in that area, stay indoors, cover your doors with wet towels and seal your windows with tape. Winds can carry toxic chemicals to surrounding cities.
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myart jjba Jean Pierre Polnareff Mohammed Abdul pda // MyJJBA AvPol ask to tag poldul i just wanted 2 draw mohammed sweating to be completely honest
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