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  • VIRGO, ARIES, Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo.
The signs in 10 years
Aries: getting married Taurus: having a house full of pets Gemini: part of the FBICancer: going to a bunch of concerts Leo: broke and homeless Virgo: pole dancing Libra: prisonScorpio: drug addictSagittarius: probably a millionaireCapricorn: owns that corner store down your street Aquarius: famousPi...
  • Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries, Capricorn, Taurus
Harsh Reminders
ARIES: no one wants to be friends with a bully; putting others down to make yourself look bigger will leave you alone at the top. Don’t expect anyone to forgive you for the damage you do. They’re not obligated to.TAURUS: the earth tries to take care of you, but humanity doesn’t bother. Don’t expect ...
Redeeming Features:
Aries: Forgiveness and forgetfulness follows their wrath.Taurus: They are that safe place, without startling surprises. Gemini: They show that laughter really is the best medicine. Cancer: They stand strong for the weak. Leo: Their heart is as big as their ego.Virgo: They are anxious because they ca...
What Can Your Zodiac Sign Offer:
Written by Zodiac Society || thezodiacsociety.comARIES: As an Aries, with your tough and can-do energy, you offer people motivation and support to pull themselves together. You give others the ability to be courageous and to have a thicker skin in order to survive a very tough world. You energy is i...
  • Libra, Pisces, Taurus, Sagittarius, Leo, Aries
Rising Signs:
Your rising sign—also known as your ascendant—represents the way others see you, your general impression on people, and your spontaneous reactions. It reflects the Zodiacal sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon the moment you were born. Until the early twentieth century, the ascendant, ra...
When they go to sleep:
Aries: Midnight or 2 a.m Taurus: 9 pm or 3 am Gemini: Around Midnight Cancer: Usually 10:30 pm Leo: Usually 11:20 pm Virgo: 9 pm or 4 am Libra: Between 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm Scorpio: Around Midnight Sagittarius: 9 pm or 3 am Aquarius: 10 pm or 3 am Capricorn: 8pm or 4am Pisces: 9:30 pm or 3 am
  • Aries Moon:people who have an aries moon really want to change the world in one way or another, and they value their passions over everything else. won't stop until they've gained some sort of recognition or praise for their hard work and their efforts
  • Taurus Moon:people who have a taurus moon are almost indisputably the calmest, most serene individuals. they try their hardest to deal with their issues/problems in a smooth manner, without complications. super duper smart and tend to have agreeable opinions
  • Gemini Moon:people who have a gemini moon usually possess overactive imaginations and find it rather difficult to focus on only one thing at a time. they have productive ambitions and love getting stuff done as quickly as possible. a lot of them prefer to follow daily routines
  • Cancer Moon:people who have a cancer moon are the biggest softies in the whole galaxy. seriously so caring and affectionate; they look out for their closest friends and especially their beloved family members. they make others feel comfortable and let others vent to them (if they need to)
  • Leo Moon:people who have a leo moon are comedic, first and foremost. a good majority of them seek approval from their peers and want to know and be told that their presence is greatly appreciated/admired. extremely entertaining and great conversationalists
  • Virgo Moon:people who have a virgo moon are go-with-the-flow kind of individuals, and actually likes to live in the moment instead of preoccupying their minds with the past or the future. always gets things done and knows how to walk the talk. huge jokesters as well
  • Libra Moon:people who have a libra moon make friends in a matter of seconds, wherever they go. others are drawn to their peaceful mindsets and the way they try their absolute best to keep situations lighthearted. their knowledge and quick wits are nothing short of charming
  • Scorpio Moon:people who have a scorpio moon are often elusive and enigmatic. nobody truly knows what goes through the intricate minds of these particular beings. however, they are typically extraordinarily intelligent and they're able to keep secrets quite well
  • ...
The signs as shady texts
Aries: Fine. Taurus: kay Gemini: kk :) Cancer: okay i guess Leo: lmao k Virgo: …ok Libra: haha ur funny Scorpio: k. Sagittarius: LOL Capricorn: {read yesterday, 2:17pm} Aquarius: idk im rly busy Pisces: sorry fell asleep
  • Aries:Saeko
  • Taurus:Sugawara
  • Gemini:Nishinoya
  • Cancer:Iwaizumi
  • Leo:Hinata
  • Virgo:Oikawa
  • Libra:Lev
  • Scorpio:Yamaguchi
  • ...
The "Always Angry" Squad
Zodiac: Tag Yourself (Edition)
Aries: -looks like “fight me” but is actually “love me” -extremely fucking smart like wut -doesn’t care about emotions unless it’s their own -strive for power Taurus: -seems chill but is actually savage af -doesn’t believe in emotions -would fight you...
  • Acts innocent, is innocent:Cancer, Taurus
  • Acts innocent, is corrupt:PISCES, Libra
  • Acts corrupt, is innocent:Aries, Scorpio, Leo
  • Acts corrupt, is corrupt:Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Aries:Most people see you as a powerhouse full of fire and energy and expect you to always be ready to go. You don't have to live up to their expectations or anyone else's. Be free.
  • Taurus:Taking care of yourself doesn't make you selfish. You work so hard you deserve every little bit of self-love possible.
  • Gemini:It may feel as if things are moving too fast or too slow with your Mercury mind but it will always be okay, just take a breath.
  • Cancer:Like the moon, there will be times when you feel dark and small, but you will always come back shining brighter.
  • Leo:You are a star, you need no spotlight because you shine all on your own. Let yourself.
  • Virgo:Take a moment to feel, embrace your emotions, get to know your heart. Find the harmony of thought and emotion.
  • Libra:Steps towards balance and equality can be hard but they are always worth it; don't apologize for speaking up.
  • Scorpio:It's okay to be reserved and private; it doesn't make you dishonest, it makes you a beautiful mystery.
  • ...
  • Moon in Aries sleepy:I just want some hot tea (or any other hot drink) and a good book to snuggle with. *lightly yawns*
  • Moon in Aries tired:(inner monologue; BACK AWAY YOU FILTHY MONSTER) *just looks like grumpy cat in real life*
  • Moon in Taurus sleepy:*tries to cuddle with anything in a ten mile ratios (all of us are cuddle sluts)*
  • Moon in Gemini sleepy:*leaning on their bff bae and rambling about random shit*
  • Moon in Gemini tired:SHUT THE FUCK UP CAROL NO ONE LOVES YOU!!!
  • Moon in Cancer sleepy:I wanna get a puppy and name her after my favorite ship.
  • Moon in Cancer:FUCK YOU ALL IM GOING HOME!! *legit drops everything to go home and sleep*
  • ...
  • Melancholic:Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio
  • Choleric:Leo, Aries, Sagittarius
  • Phlegmatic:Taurus, Pisces
  • Sanguine:Libra, Gemini, Aquarius
 headstones  ~Aries: “Don’t cremate me because I think I finally burned out”Taurus: “I told you my cooking was to die for”Gemini: “Keep talking to me via Ouija”Cancer: “Now I can finally sleep forever”Leo “you better miss me”Virgo: “At least I can relax now”Libra “I can make room for you”Scorpio “I ...
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