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Im honestly scared about season 3
only because we dont know how John is going to be emotionally we dont know if John is married we dont know how John will react when he sees Sherlock we dont know where Sherlock has been staying all this time or how he is without his blogger the fandom
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I just realized We’re going to get a trailer A trailer for Sherlock Season 3 Imagine How much fun Deducing that trailer will be.
Detailed summary of the special scene of sherlock season 3 episode 2, John’s Wedding i did as best as I possibly could with my awesome memory and a really low quality audio. I missed a bit of the text due to the screaming. Enjoy!! ~HERE’S THE AUDIO RECORDING~ NOTICE FOR PEOPLE STILL C...
  • Season 1:A group of unpopular teenagers struggling to reach their dreams and succeed in life as they fight against misfortune, prejudice and bullies.
  • Season 2:A group of unpopular teens struggling to remember which one of the group they're in a relationship with that day as they struggle against prejudiced bullies and bad fortune.
  • Season 3:A group of unpopular teens in serious relationships who fret constantly over college, overreact to everything, argue a lot and take things too far, too fast.
  • Season 4:A group of popular teens who suddenly become unpopular again for no apparent reason and then lead the most unrealistic, dramatic lives imaginable.
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Season 3 Premiere Date
Game of Thrones season 3 will premiere 3/31/13! 
I just imagine John using the “3 years” card for everything now “I don’t want to eat” “I CRIED FOR YOU FOR 3 YEARS AND YOU CANT EAT A FUCKING TOAST?” “I dont want to wear the death frisbee” “3 YEARS SHERLOCK” “I don’t wan...