• art bts ;;;;; cries forever kpop fanart jimin park jimin Bangtan Boys >.> bangtan sonyeondan bangtan fanart bts fanart I hope I did it some justice omg his lips were so frustrating JESUS whyyyyy I'm still not totally happy with it but heeeey I really like the hair???? i dont know how I did it but I'm happy with it he looked so fine in this pic I couldn't help myself also my backgrounds are... shit I know did I do better this time?? jimin is actually pretty hard to draw •
art Fanart v bts jin jimin Bangtan Bulletproof Boy Scouts suga rap monster yoongi jhope hoseok namjoon jungkook taehyung i really hope i spelled the hangul right;;; it was originally to help me learn their names and faces xD;; honeyseok
Compilation of Jimin laughing
2.22 minutes of unicors puking rainbowssoundcloud
Benedict Cumberbatch oz comic con
My art Fanart dean winchester castiel destiel season 7 supernatural fanart more fanart i guess oh god this is the first piece of artwork i've finished and posted online in like 2 years and i cannot even right now i hope i dont panic and take it down hfkjhfksdhjhsgj ignore how dean is floating on nothing i cant do backgrounds okay dean your head is a bitch to draw from any angle
art homestuck music painting strider Dave Stairs proud bro lil cal really acrylic also sweet bro hella jeff BUT I DO upward movement Dave owns You remember that sketch I did? I said I would do something with it I actually did!! And I will be honest I am so proud of this I'm probably supposed to say that I don't like it There are mistakes But I cannot not like it anyway You were warned I warned you about the stairs bro I told you dog irrational stairs
v bts mygif jin i ship so hard jimin Bangtan suga jungkook RapMonster
gif mine bts heh 3k so dumb jimin park jimin Bangtan 2j jeon jeongguk jungkook i laughed so hard my lungs hurt also aka me and luciana the video is so lq im so sorry i had to gif this rly
gif 1k v bts jin stuffs jimin g:bts Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga rap monster yoongi jhope hoseok namjoon jungkook taehyung seokjin baByTS bts dance BABY PUMPERS LMAO IDK WHAT I JUST WROTE I'M SO INLOVE W/ THEM ;A;
bts jimin Bangtan for the frustrated jimin anon new tumblr layout making all my gifs shittier than before tnx man i appreciate it :/
MY EDIT v jin jimin park jimin Bangtan suga rap monster yoongi jhope hoseok namjoon kim namjoon kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok jungkook taehyung kim taehyung seokjin jeon jungkook bts festa dont mind me over here in the corner sobbiiinnnggggg tbh how the hell has it already been 1 year? like wow that went by really fast ... eh im just gunna tag everything why not lmao 1 year with bangtan my bangtan edits ... im still sobbing
bts jimin park jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys my:b my:9things ha ha ha haaaaa finally after months of not doing it...it's done all i have left is yoongi >:)
1k bts 5k 2k 4k block B i'm sorry winner b.a.p ot6 3k best absolute perfect idols my bullshit idk what to tag vixx team a Bangtan Bangtan Boys yg winner got7 I seriously think they have a dork gene or something in the water in korea cause tell me one group that isn't like this so first gifset ever hah the bap one could be better i'm sorry a lot of rookies lol i could put a lot more groups on this but yeah maybe i should have put more famous groups lol well i didn't do this for notes anywas i did it for fun well okay enough tags now kaia
I thought the most hilarious thing I saw this morning...
Was when fans actually spotted this: But actually, THIS KILLED ME EVEN MORE: cause Big Hit just came in like: the fact that their company actually took time to give a confirmation statement for this  I just..
1k edits v bts 2k jin 1k+ dating sim jimin Bangtan suga rap monster jhope jungkook mine:edit:bangtan i made a gif version of this but the colors on it sucks so ima post this one instead the other one just has blinking arrows but whatever this took a long time man but oh well I finished :D lame pickup lines are better when used by bts lol dating sim bangtan should i make a perverted one? (;
bts idk man jimin g:qint Bangtan jungkook the sad life of park jimin yeah jungkook is also playful with the others but when it comes to jimin it's just different both of u are cute and this pset is messy af
LOL v bts mygif jin i stan idiots jimin park jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga rap monster jhope kim namjoon kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok jeon jeongguk jungkook kim taehyung i love them so much xD i wasnt gonna do a gifset bc my comp is slow af but i got bored lol
LOL my gifs v bts loooool jin jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga rap monster jhope jungkook I miss twitter~ I miss making colorful gifs the caption might make more sense if it was not in 2013
what kpop bts jin jimin park jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga yoongi j-hope jhope namjoon jungkook BangtanBoys rapmon jikook BIGHIT a.r.m.y JIMIN WHY R U A HOMELESS BOY
comic long post Marco Bodt Jean Kirschtein jeanmarco Like a Drum fic:lad I'm sorry for the huge post but I don't know any better way to post it... I don't know if I'm embaressed by how much time I put on things or if I'm proud of it