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love photography couple girl quote quotes hipster women night writing boy man post hope poetry poem saying hipsters heartache poems kl handwritting writing post k.l handwritting post poetry post poem post sayins a tiny part of me will always love you I hope to meet someone someday who I can give my whole heart to again
You wear your prom dress like a hospital gown and when your date says you look beautiful, you laugh like you’re waiting for the punchline. ...
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If they are tearing your insides open and leaving them for the wolves, Stitch yourself up then walk away, and say, like a tired soldier to their country, “I love you but I will not die for you.”
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art lit poetry poem blackout poetry Tyler Knott Gregson
I see Egypt in her eyes and Sudan in her skin I see Somalia in her face and Zimbabwe in her waist I see the Congo in her thighs and Ghana in her hips I see Senegal in her hair and Nigeria in her lips I see Rwanda in her walk and Kenya in her dance I see Uganda in her grace and Liberia in her sm...
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I don’t want to be your entire world, no. I would be happy just to be your morning coffee, your hanging car keys, your wallet. Something seemingly insignificant, but if lost throws off your entire day.
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