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  • My friends(don't have tumblr):have u seen this meme lol, it was on the 'best of tumblr' facebook page, tumblr is so funny
  • Me, a tumblr gremlin:haha yeah lol, think i've seen that one before lol
  • Me (what I really mean):you fools. I am plugged into the mainframe, wired to the primary source. Of course have seen that meme, and all 5000 of it's variants, 3 and a half months ago. I have seen the rise and fall of that meme, the boom and bust, the drama, the pain, the shitposting, oh god, the shitposting. I have seen this meme in it's rawest, freshest, unpasturised, most primal state. Do not insult me with these rank, stale puddles, that sit at the very base of the meme trickle down economy.
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death -- suicide // leelah alcorn transphobia -/ please reblog this so people can remember her transmisogny tw
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One legitimately weird thing about Tumblr is that when you reblog a post, you have full editing power over the original caption. Sometimes that’s funny, sometimes it’s not—but in any case it’s something that’s concerned a lot of you for a while now. We’re finally fixing...
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wrote their URL on a dollar bill and went out and spent it. Then if you ever found a dollar bill youd go to that tumblr and tell them how far its traveled. What if people started relationships because of it? My mind is crazy this late at night, sorry. But I say we all do it…
why do parents get mad when u sleep all day like im staying out of trouble and im not spending your money like what is the issue here
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