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Listen, if they’re going to call lightweight yarn “fingering yarn” then IS IT REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK that chunky yarn be relabeled “fisting yarn”?  I think I’m being pretty reasonable here.
we did some arts and crafts
pattern arts and crafts William Morris
Illustration Magic artists on tumblr arts and crafts paper cutout paper collage Morgana Wallace
i was crying in art class today and this girl was all “why are you crying?” and i didnt really wanna answer and we sorta know each other so i was all “why arent YOU crying?” and then she looked at me and ACTUALLY sTARTED TO CRY  I just?? wAS NOT PREPARED FOR THAT
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Christmas homestuck my stuff sbahj sweet bro and hella jeff gristmas kringlefucker the fucking best sweet arts and hella crafts
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Illustration artists on tumblr arts and crafts paper sculpture paper cut out paper collage Morgana Wallace
uploads colorful 1000 paint 100 arts and crafts swirly Spiral
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fashion fall I didn't make this september arts and crafts shitpost septeber it was on the useless memes page on facebook
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where do you think dany got the big targaryen banner i hope jorah and barristan painted it for her