• as I sit here putting this together the only thing I can think is ' i need to draw more stanley' •
IF NOBODY FESSES UP TO THIS I THINK I MIGHT HAVE SLEEP PROMPTED MYSELF THIS GOT OUT OF HAND FUCK THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST SELF-INDULGENT THING THAT I HAVE EVER DONE THAT WAS ACTUALLY NOT FOR MYSELF pretty boys and flowers now all i need is a louis and/or zayn companion piece to this and then i can migrate to the antarctic and live with the penguins FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE in b4 someone tells me a) i draw too much harry b) i prob messed up some of his tattoos c) his hair is too red I KNOW OK mainly draws prompt fills
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ALL OF THEM tf2 dumb shitty comics god this stupid thing has been on my laptop for months and i only now decided to finish it because i just heard about the tf2 15 minute movie and it got me excited enough to sit down and draw
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art Fanart lorax once-ler why is this the only thing I can draw right now
louis tomlinson One Direction liam payne 1D lilo louam liam x louis THIS IS MY FAVOURITE THING I'VE EVER DONE I DON'T THINK I'LL EVER NEED ANYTHING ELSE well besides liam putting his face on louis' belly and continuing down south and sucking his dick but u know u know i'll take what i can get
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the hobbit madebyme richard armitage Thorin theoakenshield okay so this nicole pointed it out to me i saw it in the theatre and cried you really can only tell that he's smiling at kili but i actually think it's both of them but for purposes i am just putting kili
A year ago today I was hungover. I’d spent the previou...
All I Want For Christmas Is Food
Adriana Figueroa 
So I covered that one Mariah Carey song, but I decided to tweak it a bit just to...
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* television ATS tact is just not saying true stuff ats208 cordelia being fucking awesome more than makes up for all this kate bullshit who run the world? girls okay all y'all need to just calm your tits about the circumcision thing this is a television show dammit. about vampires. and a man was about to sacrifice his own daughter to a demon he worshipped in order to gain more power obviously not meant to be picked apart literally. the intention is still valid i think. how did this become a discussion about foreskin?
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