• as a kid •
Dancing as a kid.
When I was a kid, we danced like.. Today’s kids dance like..
me myself childhood kid shark f4f jaws ralphyp ralphys
*** Pixar finding nemo Disneyedit pixaredit the sea turtels were always my fave as a kid lol
1k A link mm majora's mask as deku kid tloz:mm tloz: majora's mask w:mm
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Illustration art kid dream draw watercolor star wish as tall as lions artists on tumblr mathiole
The awkward moment when you're watching a cartoon and you understand the dirty joke that you never k...
hip hop video Kid Cudi Siz
hahahahahaha i am SCREAMING latcfedits I WANNA WRAP HIM UP AND TAKE HIM HOME OMG ed sheeran as a kid
Cartoon jokes you probably didn't understand as a kid
Zayn Malik liam payne request Ziam it's a problem my au's i love kid au's as much as kid fics
mine sherlock john watson johnlock yeah i guess red pants red pants monday uhm did any of you read captain underpants as a kid
Getting lost in the store as a kid was the scariest shit.
Because on one hand you may never see your family again and on the other hand you know if you find them you’re gonna get your ass beat for walking off.
I’m tired of the narrative in which someone is born different- drastically different- from the people in their society, and get treated horribly for it, ignored and alienated at best and ridiculed and abused at worst, and then they manage to make their otherness into something tangibly benefic...
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Harry Styles
Watching Pokémon on Saturday mornings as a kid
Spongebob was that serious as a kid