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Equius failed to protect Nepeta again. Eridan killed Feferi again. I’M JUST Someone please kiLL ME NOW IT HURTS SO FUCKING MUCH
Tyler Seguin doing play by play in the ASG
gif NBA Basketball Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 1990s dunk asg 1998 ASG 020898
gif NBA 1970s dunk Philadelphia 76ers asg Julius Erving 1977 ASG 021377
gif NBA Basketball 2010s layup Kyrie Irving cleveland cavaliers asg 2014 ASG 021614
gif NBA Basketball 2000s orlando magic oop Tracy McGrady asg 2002 ASG 021002
LOL NBA Basketball kevin hart allstar funnt kyrie+irving asg
Hockey S T O P Blackhawks Chicago Blackhawks 1988 jonathan toews Patrick Kane junkdrawer asg 2015
asg Freddie Freeman VoteFreddie final vote
I am struck occasionally, usually while snuggling the cat, with our faith in domestication. The cat is a small, ferocious predator, twelve ...
my gif my gifs NBA Basketball sports Minnesota Timberwolves dunk contest timberwolves toon squad Zach LaVine NBA ASG
gif NBA Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers History 1990s asg
gif NBA carmelo anthony LeBron James Miami Heat New York Knicks asg
gif NBA Los Angeles Lakers History 2000s toronto raptors gary payton seattle supersonics vince carter Shaquille O'Neal asg
gif NBA History 2000s Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers asg
* ~ vladimir tarasenko st louis blues asg brian elliott nhl all star game team foligno team toews
Hockey Blackhawks Chicago Blackhawks @ 1988 jonathan toews Patrick Kane junkdrawer GOT IT asg 2015 no no we all believe you no taunting or pigtail pulling going on whatsoever (also these two need to get out with those fond gazes at each other)
  • plot twist:leo dicaprio is hidden inside of the giant oscar on stage and will pop out and win everything like tracy did in Hairspray