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Hey western media
let’s get something straight, This is a kimono. It’s worn by Japanese people. This is not a kimono. It is a hanbok. It’s worn by Korean people. This also not a kimono. This is a Hanfu. It was worn by Han Chinese people until the Qing. This is also not a kimono. This is a Qipao. ...
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  • Someone:Mentions some Asian stuffs.
  • Everyone:*looking at me*
  • Son:*brings girl over to the house.
  • Parents:Hi, you're so pretty. Come eat, come eat. Go in the room later and fuck.
  • Daughter:*brings guy over to the house.
  • Parents:Who are you? How are your grades? Where's your birth certificate? Why are you breathing my daughters air?
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Dear Non-Asian People: Yes, fetishizing Asian people is racist.
Apparently, this is still being debated. But let me outline it for you again: 1. ┬áThere’s a history of making “Asians” (as in, “people with dark hair, almond shaped eyes, whose ethnic background comes from one bigass continent) into one homogenous group. This is super racist,...
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