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{M!A-ish meme} Put “You Belong to Me” in my ask.
I’ll generate a number… 1. For the next 2 hours, Any body part your character says mine has to kiss you there 2. For the next 24 hours, any time anyone leaves your name/URL in my askbox, my character will be unable to resist the urge to kiss yours. What’s the catch? Each time they kiss them, ...
Leave "Nightmare" in my askbox
And I’ll generator a nightmare my character has with yours in it. Numbers range between 1- 16. 1. Your character trying to chasing mine. Trying to kill or hurt them somehow. 2. Your character has betrayed mine in a particularly hurtful or embarrassing way. 3. Your character has kidnappe...
Handwriting Meme
1. Handwrite your name. 2. Handwrite your Tumblr URL. 3. Handwrite your blog title. 4. Handwrite your Tumblr crushes. 5. Handwrite your favorite season of the year. 6. Handwrite what color shirt your wearing right now. 7. Handwrite your favorite actresses and actors. 8. Handwrite your favorit...
My muse will have to decide which character they’d rather: Have sweep them off their feet Fight along side Share a prison cell with Raise a child with
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Inbox kiss
Post these in my ask to see my muse’s reaction to your surprise kiss: ?:Kiss at school ?: Kiss on the forehead ?: Kiss on the hand ?: Peck on the lips ?: Kiss on the neck ?: Kiss in the Rain ?: Kiss in the Snow ?:Passionate kiss ?:Kiss on the nose
Mun vs Muse: Put a ship in my ask box and mun and muse will share their opinions on the ship.
My character just accidentally said "I love you" to yours. How does yours react?
Send me a ? and my muse will react to finding your muse dead.
Send me a ? to see what my muse would get yours for Christmas.
Leave "Winter baby" in my askbox
And I’ll generate a number from 1-12 to see what our muses get.  My muse walks in to find yours waiting in bed, wearing nothing but Christmas bows. My muse is too drunk to make the gingerbread house on their own, so has to team up with yours. By some Christmas miracle, our muses are having a civi...
Leave "Oh, it's you." in my askbox
And I’ll generate a number from 1-12 to see what our muses get.  My muse storms into your muse’s room, crying and screaming waving someone’s mystery underwear in your muse’s face. Our muses have been set up on a blind date, yours has taken this more seriously and mine notices; f...
Send me a symbol to recieve the following from my muse
Send ? for a morning text Send ? for an angry text Send  ? for a drunk text Send ? for a vague text Send ? for a worried text Send ? for a text not meant for you Send ? for a text that should never have been sent Send ?for a saucy text Send ? for a long winded confessing text  Send ? for misguided...
What's something you think my character heard a lot in their childhood?
A noise or sound? A particular saying? Something their parents or teachers probably said a lot? Something their friends might have told them? Anything.
Put one of these in my askbox:
• “Do you enjoy this?” • “Are you insane?” • “You want me, baby?” • “Can I keep you?” • “Let’s get out of here.” • “Don’t you love me?” • “Do you hate me?” • “We should have kids.” • “Why don’t you go slip into something more comfortable?” And my character can only reply with one of these: • “You...
  • Fire:What's something that you're more passionate about than you'd care to admit?
  • Dragon:Are there any "urban legends" from where you live? What are they?
  • Dark:Tell us about a time you had to face up to a fear.
  • Ghost:When is the last time you were so surprised, you gasped?
  • Grass:Where do you feel you belong the most?
  • Poison:Name something you enjoy, but that no one else seems to.
  • Bug:What has changed about you in the past 5 years? What has not?
  • Normal:What are three of your favorite things in your everyday life?
  • ...
  • ((For obvious reasons don’t pick one that already applies to us. All trigger warnings marked before description))
  • ❖ :Our characters meeting each other in a different way
  • ♡ :Our characters married
  • ☸ :(trigger warning) Our characters are in an abusive relationship
  • ❊ :Our characters are running from the law together
  • ☠ :My character is hunting yours (or vise-versa)
  • ☣ :Our characters are in the plot of a horror movie together
  • ☤ :(trigger warning) Our characters just got in a car accident and are waiting for EMS
  • ...
Put "Claimed" In my ask box and I'll generate a number below. NSFW Versioin
A Passionate Kiss Kiss anywhere you choose Oral Sex Own me tied in bed naked for one night Own me tied in bed naked for two nights Shower Sex Will do whatever you say for one day Rough Sex An intimate night alone with me Your choice My choice