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Sexual Sunday!
Send me a… ? for a sext message from my muse to yours ? for something my muse shouts during sex ? for a taboo kink of my muse’s ? for a sex position my muse wants when they’re feeling angry ? for a sex position my muse wants when they’re feeling romantic ? for if my muse pre...
  • [MSG]:Did you have fun with you-know-who last night?
  • [MSG]:I guess my company doesn't interest you any more.
  • [MSG]:What do you see in that guy/girl?
  • [MSG]:(S)he's kind of hot... you think?
  • [MSG]:Is he bigger than me?
  • [MSG]:When's the wedding?
  • [MSG]:I heard you and ___ are an item.
  • [MSG]:Is there... someone else?
  • ...
Guess my muse's turn-ons
Send me one guess and I’ll rate it: NO WAY | MEH | NOT BAD | MMM | YEAH BABY | FUCK YES RIGHT NOW
Moth- What do you find attractive in a person?Doll- do you collect anything?Gravestone- Have you lost anyone important to you?Roses- Are you in love?Paper- What are you currently reading?Locket- Take a selfie.Milk- describe your family.Blood- What is the worst injury you’ve gotten?Dust- Talk about y...
  • 1:What's the first book you can remember reading as a child?
  • 2:Do you have any playlists you listen to while reading?
  • 3:Where's your favorite place to read?
  • 4:Have you ever recommended a book that ruined someone else's life? What was it?
  • 5:Which book had the greatest impact on your life?
  • 6:Which author would you be thrilled to go out for coffee with?
  • 7:What questions would you ask your favorite author given the chance?
  • 8:Which character can you relate to most?
  • ...
  • 1:Favorite MV?
  • 2:Who was your first bias in ______?
  • 3:Favorite OTP?
  • 4:Least favorite group?
  • 5:Favorite girl group?
  • 6:Favorite duo?
  • 7:Favorite Solo singer?
  • 8:Your favorite K-drama?
  • ...
  • Harry Potter:Tell us about a scar on your body
  • Hermione Granger:What is your favorite book, how many times have you read it, and why do you love it?
  • Ron Weasley:Something you're afraid of?
  • Luna Lovegood:One thing that makes you different from everyone else.
  • Fred Weasley:Can you do any magic tricks? What is the best one you can do? If you can't do any, what's the best one you've seen?
  • George Weasley:What is the best prank you've ever played on someone?
  • Neville Longbottom:Tell us an embarrassing story.
  • Narcissa Malfoy:Do you have a good relationship with your family? Who are you closest to?
  • ...
  • Roses:Who is your love interest?
  • Lilacs:Do you consider yourself beautiful and innocent?
  • Irises:Do you have words worth spreading? Wise words?
  • Gladiolus:Are you violent?
  • Lilies:Have you lost someone important to you?
  • Protea:Are you courageous?
  • Peony:Are you lucky?
  • Orchid:Are you a charming person?
  • ...
  • 1. Name five kinks.
  • 2. Are you into BDSM?
  • 3. Oddest kink you have?
  • 4. A turn off?
  • 5. Does size matter?
  • 6. How big is your penis?
  • 7. Ever taken someone virginity?
  • 8. Can you deepthroat a man?
  • ...
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  • Out of Muse and Mun, which one…
  • 01:is the most stubborn
  • 02:is the most practical
  • 03:has the shortest temper
  • 04:has the wittiest tongue
  • 05:gets more romantic attention
  • 06:gets in more fights
  • ...
Artist Asks!
Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital? How long have you been drawing? How many classes have you taken? Do you have a DeviantArt, personal website, or art blog? What’s your favorite thing to draw? What’s your least favorite thing to draw? How often do you use references? Do you d...
Unusual asks:
1. What did you want to be when you were a kid?2. Which “Friends” character do you relate to the most?3. Do you like your name? Why?4. Are you a messy or clean person?5. How tall are you?6. How tall were you when you were ten?7. What is your guilty pleasure?8. What are you saving money for right now...
  • The Evil Queen:Something I want
  • Gothel:My age
  • Cruella:My favorite animal
  • Jafaar:Three wishes I would make
  • Ursula:My favorite song
  • Maleficent:Something that makes me angry
  • Hades:A goal for the future
  • Madam Mim:My favorite color
  • ...
Judging from my muse, tell me what you think the mun is like
  • 1:what is your fave game?
  • 2:what platform do you normally play on?
  • 3:what genre is your fave?
  • 4:who is your favourite game character?
  • 5:what do you normally play when you get home?
  • 6:has a game changed your outlook on life?
  • 7:which game do you have most hours in?
  • 8:ever fallen in love with a game character?
  • ...
  • Put a flower in my inbox to show your muse's feelings for mine, anon or not:
  • AMARANTH:Broken-hearted
  • BEGONIA:Warning
  • CARNATION (YELLOW):Rejection
  • CYCLAMEN:Parting
  • LAVENDER:Distrust
  • LILY (ORANGE):Hatred
  • MARIGOLD:Jealousy
  • ...
Cosplay related asks
When did you start cosplaying? What was your first cosplay? Do you still have pictures of it? Simplest cosplay? Hardest cosplay? Biggest cosplay? How many cosplays do you have planned? Have you cosplayed any of your dream cosplays? Who/what is your dream cosplay? Are you currently working on any cos...
Send me curious asks, anything that you want to know, I will answer.