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Game of Thrones - Ned Stark Makes Poor Life Choices.A Clash of Kings - Theon Greyjoy Makes Poor Life Choices.A Storm of Swords - Robb Stark Makes Poor Life Choices.A Feast for Crows - Cersei Lannister Makes Poor Life Choices.A Dance With Dragons - Daenerys Targaryen Makes Poor Life Choices.The Winds...
rhaegar targaryen strikes me as the kind of guy who would always stumble upon a harp at parties and be like “oh wow how did THAT get there? i actually play a little” and then start playing the bear and the maiden fair or something and lyanna and cersei are all “oooh rhaegar” ...
Screw writing Strong Belwas. Write interesting Belwas. Write well rounded Belwas. Write complicated Belwas. Write a Belwas who kicks ass, write a Belwas who cowers in a corner. Write a Belwas who’s desperate for a husband. Write a Belwas who doesn’t need a man. Write Belwas who cries, Be...
there are fandom posts with “i’d rather be in middle earth” and “i’d rather be at hogwarts” etc but there are none of those for the aSoIaF fandom. nobody wants to be in westeros. the people in westeros dont even want to be in westeros.
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“Some continued upward, and died. Some went downward, and died. Some stayed where they were. They died as well.”
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On the Importance of "Alayne Stone," the Bastard
Based on these gifs. Game of Thrones has just erased another very important facet of Sansa Stark’s storyline, that is, her hiding in the Vale as Alayne Stone, Petyr’s bastard daughter. Sansa being forced to give up her noble position has a lot of significance in the books, such as:  Par...
Oh god I was reading EW’s description of what is going to happen in season three and this is what it said: A reluctant betrothal. A devastating imprisonment. A ferocious army. A debated sacrifice. A spy in love. An undead lord. An unexpected wedding.  
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There’s a lot of meta knocking around that boils Cersei down to a failed mother and failed queen, that she tries to be everything and succee...
There are only two true players in the Game of Thrones: Varys and Littlefinger. No one else stands a chance because no one (besides each other) even knows they’re playing.
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Anger was better than tears, better than grief, better than guilt.
if sansa or arya dies i kid you not i will throw the entire asoiaf series down into a burning pit and then i’ll throw myself in there too and i will rise, unburnt, with the first three dragons the world has seen for hundreds of years feeding off my breasts and when my dragons are grown we will...