• assassin's creed E3 Ubisoft I'm really upset about this ok i am fully prepared to give this company hell and not my money •
gaming Final Fantasy XIII My crap portal 2 mass effect Final Fantasy X the last of us Bioshock Infinite Tomb Raider Grand Theft Auto V dishonored Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag gamediting phew this took longer than i thought i'm really sorry for that mini wall of text but this really needed to be said people on tumblr are something else
art assassin's creed altaïr ibn-la'ahad malik al-sayf altmal is that the etiquette am I supposed to tag with that too .........yeah I can't explain this I'm sorry it had a point but then I forgot it AND THEN RAUF WALKS IN ON THEM the end
gaming portal remember me my stuff animal crossing video games Final Fantasy kingdom hearts Super Mario halo Uncharted minecraft assassin's creed call of duty Grand Theft Auto mass effect the last of us Bioshock Infinite borderlands little big planet Battlefield dishonored beyond two souls ...please ...i just tagged all of that someone give me some cred and uuh this kind of took me a long time so someone better appriciate this...
assassin's creed Ubisoft assasins creed Assassin's Creed IV ac4 AC IV Black Flag assassin's creed 4 assassin's creed 4 black flag Assassins Creed IV AC IV AC 4 black flag if someone posted this already ... sorry I didn't saw it
who would’ve guessed the biggest cockblock of the twelfth century would be a fucking lamp post assassin’s creed is just full of surprising twists 
My art featured assassins creed assassin's creed Digital Painting portfolio aveline AC3 assassin aveline de grandpre liberation ac fanart pandahart ubisoft fanart
assassin's creed Ac spoilers assassin's creed 4 ac4 spoiler but then again not so much since 99% of asscreed characters are technically dead to begin with :>
assassin's creed Altair ac ezio auditore Connor Kenway edward kenway acedits im posting this and leaving im really upset
video game assassin's creed E3 Assassin's Creed Unity e3 2014 myacu IMINLOVE!!! I really really hope that he's arno's older brother please !
1k ` keahu kahuanui ok ok ok and his cuteness hobriens and i wanted to gif this my one and only sunshine i know i said hiatus but i saw keahu's insta video and i've been really stressed out and upset lately and seeing him happy and seeing him enjoying himself makes me happy to share the happiness (this has probably been giffed 300 times i'm too scared to check his tag) okay bye FOR REAL this time also tongue alsO I WANT TO GO HIKING
gaming Michael Fassbender assassin's creed Ubisoft Assassin's Creed III
gaming mystuff assassin's creed ac Assassin's Creed Liberation aveline de grandpre ac liberation
gaming my gifs video games E3 Ubisoft I just thought this whole sequence was really cool looking Watch Dogs Watch_Dogs
inspirational x assassin's creed ezio desmond miles Connor Kenway ziio shit i post srs tags because this is a srs photoset it's 4 am i'll regret this later laughs all the way to hell srs photosets
gif gaming video games games assassin's creed E3 Ubisoft arno cant wait ohyeahgames Assassin's Creed Unity e3 2014
my stuff assassins creed assassin's creed ac Assassin's Creed 3 Connor Kenway m!ac this trailer is so badass i had to gif the whole thing
gore My art comic kinda snk Marco Bodt Jean Kirschstein I'm really upset about this ok
my gifs MY EDIT trailer assassin's creed ac E3 Ubisoft unity arno assassin ACedit Assassin's Creed Unity arno dorian AC: unity
Romance is inherently being vulnerable, and having a real, sincere, and unique connection because of that vulnerability. The rest is…m...