• at least he got to say his final goodbye •
arrow the climb ra's al ghul oliver queen arrow spoilers team arrow arrow season 3 at least he got to say his final goodbye
my gifs doctor who Tenth Doctor fourth doctor Classic Who Sarah Jane Smith sorry about that dwedit AND I DON'T KNOW Sarah Jane Adventures my adventures in photoshop rtdedit goodbye series these are my first classic who gifs oh and eleven doesn't show up here because he doesn't exactly say goodbye to sarah in his episode of sja ten's goodbye to her seems more final even though obviously he sees her again but for the idea of the gifset i think this is good
writing creative writing
Captain America but still just for the lulz steve has guilt issues steve had someing to prove not the first to point this out im sure
Teen Wolf Sterek dww eternalsterek dww2013
1k Teen Wolf stiles stilinski derek hale Scott McCall i just have a lot of feelings Sterek summer theory
gamergate notyourshield
Thor loki thor 2 Thor 2 spoilers
tao zitao at this moment i know some of you might be so tired of what he is doing and think he's playing with your emotions but can't you see he is twice as tired s you are? everything he says. every statements he makes will affect not only him. but also a lot of people he has to think clearly before he makes one that's why it will take long let alone he doesn't want to leave it's always hard to say goodbye definitively to something. someone you love please have some patience and give him some time if you really can't take it anymore just consider he left and continue to stan exo as 9
At Least I Have Nothing
Saint Motel  Voyeur
At Least I Have Nothing - Saint Motel and I probably messed up / made a mistake...
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YouTube danisnotonfire dan howell accurate description is accurate and now be one of us precious little anon danyul if you see this nope abort mission but u know it's true bby
mine AXK i want to see him smile again Aoharu x Kikanjuu blue spring x machine gun matsuoka masamune axkedit biggest nerd actual sweetheart and giant cutiepie *kisses his cheek* im gonna marry him goodbye *Q* the latest chapters are making me upset he deserves warm hugs and happiness there's so much i want to say about matsuoka masamune /cries
exo exo m *gif Kim minseok xiumin at least he tried
homestuck disneyland disneystuck help? sorry for spamming socalstuck socal homestuck
how i met your mother himym Robin Scherbatsky barney stinson 3 barney x robin ARE THEY SERIOUS can i just say how GROSS it was for them to imply barney was like robin's dad i mean the man fucking ABUSED HER he destroyed her childhood he was violent and uncaring and they thought it was okay comparing him to barney?! making up the most ridiculous similarities like a black gay brother? i'm so upset about it i'm glad we AT LEAST got this scene
gif exo Kai jongin most precious he calls them kids i'm ;;;