• at least he got to say his final goodbye •
arrow the climb ra's al ghul oliver queen arrow spoilers team arrow arrow season 3 at least he got to say his final goodbye
my gifs doctor who Tenth Doctor fourth doctor Classic Who Sarah Jane Smith sorry about that dwedit AND I DON'T KNOW Sarah Jane Adventures my adventures in photoshop rtdedit goodbye series these are my first classic who gifs oh and eleven doesn't show up here because he doesn't exactly say goodbye to sarah in his episode of sja ten's goodbye to her seems more final even though obviously he sees her again but for the idea of the gifset i think this is good
tao zitao at this moment i know some of you might be so tired of what he is doing and think he's playing with your emotions but can't you see he is twice as tired s you are? everything he says. every statements he makes will affect not only him. but also a lot of people he has to think clearly before he makes one that's why it will take long let alone he doesn't want to leave it's always hard to say goodbye definitively to something. someone you love please have some patience and give him some time if you really can't take it anymore just consider he left and continue to stan exo as 9
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Captain America but still just for the lulz steve has guilt issues steve had someing to prove not the first to point this out im sure
bbc sherlock johnlock doodle At least he got to second base
how i met your mother himym Robin Scherbatsky barney stinson 3 barney x robin ARE THEY SERIOUS can i just say how GROSS it was for them to imply barney was like robin's dad i mean the man fucking ABUSED HER he destroyed her childhood he was violent and uncaring and they thought it was okay comparing him to barney?! making up the most ridiculous similarities like a black gay brother? i'm so upset about it i'm glad we AT LEAST got this scene
mine AXK i want to see him smile again Aoharu x Kikanjuu blue spring x machine gun matsuoka masamune axkedit biggest nerd actual sweetheart and giant cutiepie *kisses his cheek* im gonna marry him goodbye *Q* the latest chapters are making me upset he deserves warm hugs and happiness there's so much i want to say about matsuoka masamune /cries
MY EDIT game of thrones jon snow stannis baratheon gotedit gotjonsnow gotstannisbaratheon all right all right all right this is the last part (for now *cackle*) of my weekend obnoxious campaign:  jon and stannis sittin’ in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g i’d say sorry for being one track mind but I’m not I MEAN LOOK AT THIS SHIT PART 2 LOOK AT THIS STUBBORN UNYIELDING OBSTINATE PURE IRON (haha stannis is the most pragmatic strategic and sneaky commander out there I LOVE THIS MISCONCEPTION being proud and stubborn as a character does not equal being this as a military force as leader as king) LOOK AT HIM ADMIRING THIS BOY RESPECTING THIS BOY FOLLOWING THIS BOY’S ADVICE  treating him like equal like partner like ACTUAL SECOND IN COMMAND stannis is a foreigner on the wall in the north he knows nothing of these lands these people more – he’s got this beef from early years he could have harbuored in him and let himself be defeated by it WHAT HE DOES INSTEAD IS RAISE ABOVE IT AND BECOMES ACTUAL NORTHERN HERO through willingness to act and interfere when no one else would AND IT’S ALL DUE TO THIS BOY his competence strategy intelligence i mean stannis would have walked right into the trap of dreadfort if it weren’t for jon not to mention MORE THAN HALF OF HIS ARMY ARE MOUNTAIN CLANS SUGGESTED BY JON (like jon open the gates of the most obscure and RAWEST parts of the north for stannis BECAUSE HE TRUSTS HIM THIS MUCH) and stannis walks through these gates with RESPECT AND AWARENESS OF A NEGOTIATOR NOT INVADER BECAUSE HE RESPECTS JON THIS MUCH yes it’s cooperation for mutual gains but it’s guardianship and mentorship and partnership that genuinely came from this and bonded them I SHOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU SON *stannis looks longingly at jon like HE’S ALREADY ONE* jfc goodbye (selyse reading her husband like an open book LIKE NO ONE ELSE CAN is another topic for gifset and tagrants BUT PLEASE I’M DYING) (plus that caption quote is basically what selyse does here yet with melisandre SHE KNOWS HIM SO WELL AND ANTICIPATES HIS REACTIONS LIKE NONE OTHER and this is another reason to die but not here it's got obnoxious enough i shall go)
trick or tr(eat me out)
exo exo m *gif Kim minseok xiumin at least he tried
goodbye *** ugh tvd i mean caroline forbes klaroline i cannot klaus mikaelson I cannot even otp: i dare you the fIRST ONE THO JUST LOOK ~brb digging a hole to die in laskdjasldk just this hole exhange how SHE is not afraid to go after him when he storms off asdlkas and the subtle flirting on her part too which is what i think genuinely surprised him can yOU TWO JUST NOT hate you so much right now and lets not forget how he at leAST TRIEDDD TO KEEP HIS COOL so married
my edits my gifs Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor otp: burning up a sun just to say goodbye dwedit dredits rtdedit okay FIRST i wanted to try the ghost technique I've seen around rosetylered did an AMAZING JOB WITH IT but yeah also i like the double meaning in this like she said forever but then she was taken away like a ghost but ALSO she really does stay with him forever as a ghost/memory haunting his thoughts flickering at the corners of his vision like for a second he thinks she's still there and then he remembers because he will never ever forget her
She sounded like she was about to cry. But then I heard her take a breath. Then she changed the subject. Everyone did that. When something h...
Teen Wolf Sterek dww eternalsterek dww2013
Untitled ouat spoilers ouatedit reginamillsedit robinhoodedit outlaw queen outlawqueeneedit don't you dare tell me he didn't say it to her at least he agrees with it 530402% ok bye~
10 minutes into corporate takeover and chill and he gives you this look
* gifs* Teen Wolf Scott McCall 'scott's sO du mb' shut the fuck up he might be good and whole hearted and occasionally blinded by love but he's not stupid he has a job at a veterinary which takes training and knowledge he is in lydia 'future fields medal genius' martin's math class he got a d- on his homework which the teacher wrote was not like him (ps he only got that d- because he just got turned into a fUCKING WEREWOLF) he's also the one that realised the kanima only kills who he's told to and these are only examples i thought of on the spot so you think fucking twice when you say shit about how dumb scott mccall is
1k Teen Wolf stiles stilinski derek hale Scott McCall i just have a lot of feelings Sterek summer theory