• at least he got to say his final goodbye •
1k * Hermione Granger draco malfoy well dramione hehehe dhredit im in love with this yes i like to edit my own fics
mine wolf 1000 game of thrones Graphic ghost got asoiaf jon snow kit harington House Stark cleaning out my drafts asoiaf spoilers mine:graphic gotedit soon... gotjonsnow every night seemed colder than the night before jonxghost trying to fix and finish things i do know some things
ginny weasley harry potter My art Harry and Ginny the half-blood prince
psycho pass shogo makishima makishima shogo makishima shougo ascacious shougo makishima !pp every quote of his is absolutely true (at least to me) i'll make more trashedits for as many of his quotes as i can sh: psycho pass ch: shogo makishima !ppgif
1k MY EDIT robb stark Arya Stark daenerys targaryen varys gotedit gotaryastark gotrobbstark gotdaenerystargaryen my:other this is probabaly going to get like 2 notes but at least it was fun to make :P
notes stiles stilinski derek hale Sterek Sterek AU my au haleinski
mygif life ruiner tom hiddleston Chris Evans thor the dark world tdwcommentary steveception? chrisevansception?
frozen hans Princess Anna PRINCE HANS
tyler hoechlin a* tyler h* HE LOOKS LIKE HE JUST OR WILL LICK HIS HAND IDK it's my fave
percy jackson pj Nico di Angelo The Mark of Athena percy and nico
homestuck John Egbert Dirk Strider my drawings dirkjohn i needed something quick to let off some stream
CNN Zimmerman Victim Trayvon Martin george zimmerman trayvon asshole of the day Chris Cuomo
So a Brony tried hitting on me in a coffeeshop today
I am literally parked in the furthest corner of this Starbucks, with my tablet out, my computer on the little table and my backpack on the other stool at the table. The coffee shop is slow and there is lots of space. I am /conspicuously/ busy, am trying to do homework, look up apartment rates and ...
1k * ** game of thrones A Song of Ice and Fire Jaime Lannister light of my life got* gotedit gotjaimelannister my favourite thing is how after nearly all of these he was phsyically shut up
transgender Transphobia cece mcdonald Orange is the new Black laverne cox
venezuela 18f leopoldo lopez Lilian Tintori
yuzuru hanyu lol he even got me to make a gif set first one in like 5 ever
Come Together
Arctic Monkeys  Live At The London 2012 Opening Ceremony
He wear no shoeshine, he got toe-jam football He got monkey finger, he shoot coc...
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