• at least he got to say his final goodbye •
i dont know if what’s sadder is that i actually have a folder for this or that there’s enough pictures out there to warrant the need for an entire folder in the first place
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The New Jersey governor even took his message to Fox News, ...
sherlock anderson he just fucking sweeps in here in his long coat and sexy hair and here i am doing some actual fucking work easy for him to be so sassy and genius about everything he is not the one filling in all those fucking papers about his fucking cases he thinks he's so cool with his deduction i would like to see how long he would last in this fucking cubical trying to write down how on fucking earth he got all the fucking evidence because really what the fuck am i suppose to write that he fucking looked at the man and knew he had five cats a drunk donkey wife addiction to building barbie houses and a bear in his bas... fuck you sherlock just fuck you
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gif spoilers Merlin colin morgan Eoin Macken too many thanks for this scene it's not like it hurt or anything just casually say goodbye to your friend knowing you might never see him again that's cool couldn't work out if he said 'you know HOW to use the sharp end' or just 'you know to use the sharp end' so 'one last hair flick before i depart'
If you ever think you’ve made bad decisions just remember what it must feel like to be one of the 12 publishers that turned down Harry Potter.
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* doctor who eleven x amy otp: gotcha OH TAKE ME BACK TO THE STAAAAAAAAAAAAAART when amy left no one could be looking at the angel the doctor had his eyes on her and only her he knew what she was doing and he did not take his eyes off her for a second one last look at his amelia pond before she faded from him oh look I made myself hurt that stupid bottom cap of eleven it hurts more than anything tbh when he says 'I'll never see you again' and amy just replies with 'don't worry i'll be fine. I'll be with Rory' yeah but what has the doctor got? who has he got? amy is the most important person in eleven's life and she's suddenly gone he won't be fine
Heartbreaking Tearjerker of the Day: Popular YouTuber Eric M...
art avengers thor's whole world view has just been shattered he thought he should at least rate new fabric file name: arts and crafts with frigga because i amuse myself i don't care what you say
mine Final Fantasy Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy VII Advent Children FFVII Reno Sinclair FF7 HALP ME starting a series maybe? ;w; is his last name sinclair? does he even have a last name D: edit: so he doesn't have a last name ;_; feel free to erase the 'sinclair' guys
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LOL US we're a hipster couple look at his cutoffs he likes to roll them up he got them from h&m we went to coronado for our 8 months well not really my parents took me that day and i brought daniel we cute
* Damon x Elena major delena feelings everytime i listen to this song okay idgaf if it's hanson the lyrics are so freaking hidfkcndjfjdso and idk that part reminds me of that scene it gets even more painful when you think he was so close to giving up on his own life he literally thought he had no more reason to fight and then he thought of her he remembered the first time they ever met and how that night changed him forever and it gets so much worse if you compare it to 2x22 because here you can see that he still wasn't ready to die there was nothing he could do to save himself back then but this time he can do something; he can fight back and then that memory... that only exists in his head reminded him of how much he'd miss if he simply accepted death he just wants to be with her no matter how much it hurts him to know his love will never be enough for her (at least in his mind) so he gets up and fights maybe not for him but for her because he made her a promise to never leave her again because loving her is the only thing that makes him feel alive and that would never change he would protect her just like he said to katherine analyzing it from another perspective his death would make no sense after all his arc throughout the show so many moments wrapped up in a single scene all his previous choices led him to decide he would not die that night because if he had chosen differently he wouldn't have met her and his life would have been pure darkness and misery nothing to turn around and look back to we know he'd do things us damon fans are not proud of but leaving elena unprotected is not and will never be an option she is his priority even though he isn't hers (for now) fucking feels jfc this can't be healthy i'm just gonna go
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