• at least he got to say his final goodbye •
Tyra Banks ending the life of a homophobe on national tv. 
Ignorant people make me mad
art cartoon satire polish Poland cartoonist Pawel Kuczynski
facts alex parrot
  • me, ordering a drink at starbucks:i'll have a large caramel macchiato
  • barista:you mean a venti?
  • me, understanding that the barista does not make up the names for the sizes and it is in fact part of her job to clarify what i am ordering to avoid mistakes in my order:yeah, a venti. thanks.
gifs ruby rose
remember that first live action scooby doo movie. where the antagonist was literally scrappy doo and he was stealing peoples souls, like actually really stealing and absorbing souls, and was planning on taking scoobys soul to rule the world with an army of demons and get revenge on the gang after th...
me Personal (: easter i just had to post this though story time happy easter with bailey hope you had a nice one not 1d related
wiz khalifa news black tumblr black twitter black lives matter
Racism police brutality ferguson saratoga saratoga springs Darrien Hunt
crime zachary neagle
corgi chubby the corgi mendocino
harry potter Daniel Radcliffe celebrity story Broadway cah Cards Against Humanity the cripple of inishmaan daniel radcliffe's delicious asshole
are u ever so attracted to someone that u just groan internally every time u see them like it’s physically painful how attractive they are
queue rape submission rape culture rapist rape threat Nicholas Lord
pokemon damn golduck Psyduck pkmnart my pkmn art realisic pokemon NONE OF THEM HAVE BAD HEADACHES FOR ONCE MUM CAN HAVE PEACE PLATYPUS PSYDUCK i tried with golduck but it still looks too birdy know that at least to me it's a mammal
death animals people suicide pain friends family feelings hope pets sadness mother memories emotions son father torture
twitter medicine donald trump BERNIE SANDERS Martin Shkreli
myart i think he will say YES but he might say NO either way i DID IT
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