• at least this time ps didn't chrashed •
1k mine game of thrones Arya Stark Cersei Lannister Sansa Stark daenerys targaryen catelyn stark margaery tyrell Asha Greyjoy mine: got hmm idk gotedit shireen baratheon gotsansastark gotaryastark gotdaenerystargaryen at least this time ps didn't chrashed
pygmy doodles in the midst of concert chaos i didn't have time to do anything cool or creative but i did this SORRY NIALL YOU DESERVE MORE SENTIMENT at least it's got color + transparency??
1k *mine *gif 6k *TG Tokyo Ghoul touka kirishima tgedit *tggif i didn't like this episode but at least they animated this scene nicely
if you’re upset about the finale of your show this week, no matter which show it is, take comfort in the fact that anything that happened can’t possibly be as awful as Dan being Gossip Girl
1k mygif itachi uchiha uchiha itachi Narutogif hope you guys like it! narutographic sorrrry itachigraphic i didn't really watch this episode i just looked for itachi and that's it my first 500x650 gif as well i've been so busy lately this did turn out okay the quality did at least
you just KNOW this has happened at least once a month
overhearing a conversation about pokemon more like
idk john john florence [Gifs] I wanted to try something like this didn't turn out great also I apologise for watermarking this but I tend to get pretty butthurt if I see reposts and IF that were to happen I'm at least not going to feel shitty about it
pretty little liars ** so whatever Mona vanderwaal Not at all this didn't turn out the way i expected but i spent too much time on this
mine F.R.I.E.N.D.S Joey Tribbiani rachel green friendsedit princesconsuela friendsgifs why did they do this to me why did they make these two romantically involved at least it didn't last long it made me so uncomfortable
k shiro my graphic idk what this is K Project suoh mikoto Isana Yashiro totsuka tatara mikoto claudia weismann totsuka weismann kprojectk buT AT LEAST I DIDN'T FORGET CLAUDIA
martin freeman 10000 bilbo baggins i had to M. the hobbit: an unexpected journey film: the hobbit hobbitedit Marthe's GIFs This isn't all of them though because there's at least six more I didn't include
q snk doodles n shit yumikuri at least i didn't draw porn thats coming later
mygifs mine line exo exo k CE anyway chanyeol maybe. bye bye~ xxxxk surplines no watermarks or added captions because i'm lazy and i don't know if i really want to keep this set but look at him!!!!!!!!!!!! if this segment didn't make u smile at least a little bit u r lying to urself i want to gif the part where they tell him to keep it a secret but i am tired now and i will do that in a couple hours instead
1kplus *g Dylan O'Brien the first time dave hodgman *gmovies but what is the coloring of this movie at least we have it in 720p
my edits mine Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Lucy Heartfilia please forgive me nalu ftgraphics nalu week myedits:fairytail DOES THIS EVEN BELONG IN THAT TAG I'M SORRY i ended up combining the two last prompts and posting it one day late HAHA but i would've felt bad if i didn't make at least one thing for nalu week i have a lot of feelings for these two you don't understand this scene and the one that comes after it make me so emotional asdlkasjdsad
kingdom hearts zelv graphic i'm tired and too lazy to properly fix this up but at least i'm doing something i'm sure if i didn't get mad at my slow-ass internet i could've found better (compositionally to the whole) pics of ven and saix but fuck thaaaat i hope it's legible enough i got annoyed at the text and didn't want to use orator AGAIN i feel like i've overused that font maybe
doodles 1dreal this is why i didn't draw lately this took me way longer than normally and it looks... like that... i just need break i hate my drawing lately but i was silent for so long so... at least have this?