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I bet if TheFrogMan made a post with literally one letter, it would get 1000 notes by the end of the...
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Remember when this guy… Did this… And got sucked back to Gallifrey during the time war? Which considering it didn’t get destroyed now, means he could very easily come back?
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dean winchester could take you in a fight he could take anyone he could go on a spree and destroy the whole world because holy shit how could you stop him there is nothing dean winchester can’t do and you know what he does he saves people let that sink in
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* spoilers new girl Jess Day mine:new girl her laugh at the end! she says fool right?
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health fitness jillian michaels body revolution these are brutal today was my first day of cardio 3 they look almost passable at circuit 1 but then you just die at the end once again - BRUTAL!!!!! but nice :) jillian michaels' body revolution jmbd
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Les Mis Clips "Masterpost"
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I loved to sleep with the window open. Rainy nights were the best of all: I would open the window and put my head on the pillow and close my...