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EXO is at Disneyland, SHINee is at the mall, and Super Junior is at Knott's while we're sitting at h...
NSFW Or at least dont look at at work unless you work at furryporn inc
~ Adventure Time AT: S1 AT: 1x01
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Kanye at day, Drake at night
Meanwhile Panic! at the Disco:
At my age, I'm at the point where...
I rather watch Netflix and order take-out than party [on the regular] I have one consistent partner than random encounters I have five friends than a hundred associates People who give me constructive criticism, rather than lie to save my feelings Travel the world and learn as much as humanly possib...
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Me: Mom there’s this concert- Mom: No. Me: 
At Last
Etta James  At Last
At Last | Etta James
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star wars AT-AT spotlight of th week
taylor swift William Shakespeare Shakespeare 1989 shake it off sonnet t-swift t-swizzle shakespearean sonnet i'll be at BEA friday at 11:30 am and at BookCon at 11am come say hi at the quirk books booth booth 3250 they have awesome swag and awesome people
1k mine MY EDIT edit free! look!!! look at how they look at each other look at my children look at rin getting all the four-leaf clovers trying to impress haru look at how adorable and pretty haru is
Bohemian Rhapsody (Cover)
Panic! at the Disco 
AWW ??