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Hundreds of people marching for Aboriginal rights have disrupted official Australia Day celebrations in the Melbourne CBD. Blackfellas were loud and proud in Melbourne today.
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  • Australians:damn australia you cold
  • Australians:damn australia you hot
  • Australians:damn australia you flooding
  • Australians:damn australia you bushfires
  • Everywhere else in the world:lets move to australia but im worried about the snakes/spiders/sharks/dropbears
  • Australians:lol
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  • Sydney:Tourist attractions with amazing beaches. Don't go out west though unless you want to get shanked.
  • Melbourne:Shopping, coffee, AFL, Frankston is the big no-no.
  • Brisbane:Gold Coast and theme parks. Don't you fucking call it BrisVegas!
  • Adelaide:The Great Australian Bight. Nothing else.
  • Darwin:Crocodiles, snakes. Shit all but red dirt.
  • Hobart:Beautiful scenery. Incest.
  • Perth:Amazing beaches, rich cunts. Don't go to the end of the train lines.
  • Canberra:Parliament. That's it.
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In Australia
Christmas- lets get fuckin’ pissed Easter- lets get fuckin’ pissed Australia day- lets get fuckin’ pissed Birthdays- lets get fuckin’ pissed Sports team looses- lets get fuckin’ pissed Sports team wins- Lets get fuckin’pissed Anzac day- pay your respects cunt
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