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Avengers fandom is like this thing that stays quiet and placid for ages but can explode at any time and completely wipe out the rest of tumblr in one fell swoop. You guys, we’re not a fandom: we’re a time bomb. 
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  • Sherlock:Stood naked on the table with just a sheet wrapped around them, probably threatening to jump
  • Harry Potter:Running around in a cape, brandishing a stick
  • Doctor Who:Staring at the statue in the corner, unblinking
  • Avengers:Running around grabbing everyone's ass
  • Supernatural:Rocking and drooling in the corner, trying to exorcise anyone who comes close.
Entering a new fandom.
One Big Fandom Family
In my head, all of the fandoms are part of some massive, crazy family. The tough, but loving and protective older brother: The crazy kid brother, who still loves playing pretend: The vaguely psychotic middle child that the parents keep locked away in the attic: The rowdy, fun-loving cousin who ca...
Basically everyone in the Avengers fandom:
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What we learned today?
Avengers fandom rule the tumblr.
I never leave fandoms. I just add new ones. I’m all“This fandom. I like it!”
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  • Cashier:Hi! Welcome to Fandom Burger. How may I take your order?
  • Fangirl:Yeah, can I get a SuperWhoLock Fandom Meal, with extra Loki Feels?
  • Cashier:Would you like some cries with that?
  • Fangirl:Yeah and can you super size the cries for me?
  • Cashier:And to drink?
  • Fangirl:A large life ruiner from the BBC. How about some Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • Cashier:Ok, that will come to your heart and soul.
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Things I love about the Avengers fandom
No shipping wars. You can either ship all the things or have just one OTP and no one gives a fuck. It is generally accepted that Steve and Tony are married and raising Spiderman despite the lack of logic in that situation Robert Downey Jr is literally interchangeable with Tony Stark at any time. The...
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