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Episode 2 of series 7 is titled "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship."
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mine music moon blue purple colorful quality album nikon my photo dslr cd my room record player awolnation nikon d3200 colorful quality music is life d3200 megalithic symphony cd player purple carpet
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My art *1k phan phan art SCREAMS AND CRASHES THRU THE FRONT DOOR IM SORRY IVE BEEN AWOL not even a good reasoN ive been on my personal hah ha rolls away !! 500shadesofblue oh that wont show in ur tag ill link u ha ha i love u
AfroPunkFest Afropunk awolerizku
AfroPunkFest Afropunk awolerizku
AfroPunkFest Afropunk awolerizku
1k * YouTube c 5k jack harries jacksgap finn harries i just idk how else to tag this shit tbh i mean i've been awol all day okay lemme' tell you a story folks Tumblr is a piece of shit that didn't let me upload like three gifs after five thousand tries on each because well it's a little spaztic bitch tbh i was going to give up but he is just so darn cute so i changed the order 5000000 times gyam
LOL ruby i am dying sapphire SU garnet steven universe this internship is killing me maybe i can draw what i want over the weekend
world of warcraft jaina proudmoore sometimes I put too much effort into illustrating an idea this is probably one of those times but I got to draw lots of angry Jainas so that's a win really
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